Edit Details Official Sites: Yes No Report this. Retrieved 8 July Imran was about to kill Raju with the very same knife he had used to kill Chandru, only to held gunpoint by his main henchmen, which are now of them. Was this review helpful to you? Indian Version of Narcos?

The Placement of songs is too pathetic. Real-time popularity on IMDb. Amar as Bobby Bedi Brahmanandam Murali Sharma as Johnny, henchman. However, they were attacked by henchmen and were forced to come back. The commissioner calls Raju about Jeeva, only for Raju to confess his love for Jeeva to him, leaving the commissioner to not say anything.

At the same time, Amar comes to Karim’s taxi service headquarters and starts beating one of the taxi drivers mmovie not giving him nor his henchmen money.

The police wanted to strike back at Raju and Chandru but ij against doing that now until later as his family relatives have came. A genetic engineering student tries to bring back the skills of a legend of the past and use his skills to save India from a deadly virus attack by China.

Raju seems to accept, but he punches Manoj in the face and refuses his deal, all the while, killing him by shooting in the xnchan with his own gun. Mugdh — Psychomaniac Short Film.

However, they were attacked by henchmen and were forced to come back. He then remembered at one time, that Raju, Chandru, and Jeeva went to a musical concert, which is finished, but using their influence and having been friends with the theatre manager of the concert, they get the concert back on running. In early NovemberManoj Bajpai was reported to be playing the film’s antagonist while Vidyut Jamwal would also appear in a prominent role.


When one of them remains faithful to Imran, while the other three decided to betray him, one of the three, mainly the leader of the group killed the faithful one.

Raju went to the location, beats up the henchmen, and gets Jeeva, who had her left hand injured by the leader of the henchmen using anchann smoking cigarette to safety by having be taken away by Karim, while killing all of them including the leader, who, before dying, found out Jeeva was Raju’s lover because her left hand had a tattoo of Raju’s name on it, which she got during the time she and Raju had a blast.

Raju kills all the henchmen and was about to kill Manoj, but Manoj tries to get Raju to spare his life by offering a deal to be successful in life.

Cinematography is done by Santosh Sivan while Editing is by Anthony. The soundtrack album, released on 23 July to positive reviews, features five tracks, written by four lyricists.

He also reveals the one person, who is not with the gang for the meeting with JK. Raju reunites with Jeeva and they both were leaving Mumbai, until they bump into Raja, who has noticed that ‘Krishna’ has never found Raju, but instead found a beautiful girl in Jeeva.

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A boy living in the streets steals Krishna’s laptop and Raja tells Krishna he can’t get back, only for some people to bring in the boy and give Krishna back his laptop, having seen Raju’s photo on the desktop of Krishna’s laptop and becoming fearful of him. Manoj Bajpayee as Imran Bhai, the main antagonist who kills Chandru. Retrieved 19 March Sudya revealed a personal damage to his taxi that Raju is solely responsible of and despite not wanting to have Krishna as his customer, still takes him to where he skrya to go.


He took his laptop and taunts him, while also revealing he killed Raju and showed the gun he used to killed him with. Item Girl Murli Sharma Chetan Anhcan as Manoj, henchman.

Powder — Netflix Series! Related News Suriya’s wish to Samantha and Chay!

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It is now up to Krishna, the brother of Raju Bhai, to identify the culprits responsible for the fate suffered by the duo and exact revenge. Suriya, Jyothika, Bhoomika Chawla. Raju attempted to call Chandru, in which Amar answered it, until the line ended up being cut. Johnny initially didn’t recognize Raju, until Movei unfold his shirt’s collar.

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Archived from the original on 19 March Asif Znchan as Rajiv, henchman. He then founded out that Raju had earlier attempted to visit him in his office of his company’s building disguised as Krishna in the last previous week.

Full Cast and Crew. But when it takes almost three hours to narrate its story with predictable twists and underwritten characters in a non-engaging fashion.

Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj. Murali Sharma as Johnny, henchman. Audible Download Audio Books. Johnny attempts to pin and frame everything on Jackie, only to be confronted by him as well.