RC says that he is going anywhere.. She hears her parents talking about Mr. Alisha is over excited and show offs with Ira to low down Suvreen. The episode starts with Madhura asking RC what has he thought about her dress for Cannes. Suvreen is very happy, she is talking to herself. Madhura tells her to not judge people so soon. She is upset and is sitting alone when she gets a call from Yuvi. She asks him what he wants from there and he tells her to get something for Suvreen instead.

And then he makes faces how she was drunk.. RC informs her stuffs she needs to do in his absence. I know everybody says maddy when you came everything changed in my life. After a while she asks do you have a girlfriend.. Soni says yes and tells her everything.. She looks really unhappy and then she goes. She thanks him for it. Madhura finds confused Suvreen and asks her to give her thought on it.

He says hockey and football. Yuvraj tells her that she always keeps doing so many stuffs for everyoneso there should be someone to take care of her also na. She thanks him for it. She gets call from a wrong no.

She tells yeah, he is very lucky to mune her… haha. And then both are going. Soni looks at the mirror and is more than happy she runs and hugs Suvi.

Suvreen Guggal 14th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Junoon 14th June Written Episode Update. Suvi comes to the house. He tells Alisha to pack her bags and be ready. He laughs and kisses her forehead.


Like 0 Dislike 0. Pritty asks her what happened Suvreen??

She changes in his car and tells him to not look back, he tells her to stop behaving so, as he is not interested in looking at her. And then Geeti comes. He then stops the car and tells her to pose naturally with an umbrella on the road.

suvreen guggal episode 14 june

Madhura says sorry to the interns. Ira is trying to show him attitude but is failing high time. Suvreen guggql video chatting with her mother. Jolly takes ta Saree. He sits and says that he has to confess something too. She is so so happy. Both enjoy the moment together. She thinks saree will suit her personality more.

Alisha is over excited and suvredn offs with Ira to low down Suvreen. She says that they found the money what suvi sent to them. And then she says I love you.

She cries very badly and sits on the floor. She takes some of the pictures and watches them. Suvreen says thank you!! And then Soni comes and asks how are jhne pictures??

And then she asks him whats ur type. Vikram is still looking at her. Suvreen calls her mother and appreciates her for always being with her. And then he says NEXT!! Soni and Maddy are sitting in a restro, and Soni again teases him saying that he loved her pose with exposy legs the most haina. Soni is not happy with the locations, but Maddy tells her that she looks good with natural locations and poses, and tells her to pose in a garage.


There Geeti is pissed with Rohan and her bf Vikram, and she scolds them and runs away from there. She takes some clothes out, they are for Soni. She wants to go to Maddy but Soni stops her with saying Maddy does the pictures.

And then everybody comes. Madhura says sorry because of yesterday. Snd then he goes. Madhura tells her to not judge people so soon. Like 0 Dislike 0. He will fulfill all her wishes. Everybody are waiting for Madhura to come.

suvreen guggal episode 14 june 2013

Alisha and Svureen can go with him. On Jun 14, Madhura finds confused Suvreen and asks fuggal to give her thought on it. She says says yes.