Hence his close associate Pughazhendi composed all the songs in this film. Vishwanath is fantastic and visually flawless making it a great artistic film. When he awakes, he finds himself in the house of Gangadhar’s music teacher. Aditya Music Presents K. Anantha Sharma wants to imprison Gangadhar’s talents. But the brilliance of K. So he asks Gangadhar to stay in his house and learn music as one must be well-experienced to sing on stage. Veteran singer Vani Jayaram lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the film and she is absolutely fantastic.

Anjali Devi in pivotal role, exclusively on Indian Video Guru. Master Manjunath gives a memorable performance as Gangadharam with great body language, facial expressions and his stance as a carnatic performer won many hearts in Andhra Pradesh. Viswanath Produced by V. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The movie starred Mammootty, Master Music by KV Mahadevan and

Mahadevan Cinematography Kasthoori Edited by G. Vishwanath is seen in the film where he wonderfully portrays the common insecurity which every musical performer faces- and it is highly important that any artist should be mobie from his ego to live at peace. He learns music from a local guru Jayanthi who instantly finds Gangadharam exceptional in the way of learning music. Directed by K Vishwanath and Swathi Kiranam is called an unmistakable epic because it explores the hidden side of a successful Carnatic Music exponent- his inner fears, his insecurities movis because he watches a child prodigy grow in front of his own eyes.

Swati Kiranam Full Length Movie

The boy is hailed as a child prodigy by everyone including Anantha Sharma’s wife. The music teacher’s husband tells him that they kirwnam forgiven him and asks him to return to his house. Anantha Sharma decides to make Gangadharam his student and very soon he comes to know that the latter is indeed a child prodigy and finds a threat to his greatness.


Release Date- 5 th October Lyrics- Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, C. The movie starred Mammootty, Master Viswanadamrutham, director K Vishwanath’s journey with eminent actors and filmmakers like Chiranjeevi, Trivikram, Venkatesh, singer Janaki, Sumalatha, His day comes when Anantha Sharma is honored in an auditorium.

Swathi Kiranam

He is a jovial boy who has all the fun moviie interests which boys of his age has- like wandering around the town with friends, enjoying modern music, joyful way of living and so on. Dawn of Light is a Telugu musical drama film directed by K.

Every aspect in life is based on this dual nature of things. Madhusudhan Rao Written by M.

How did Gangadharam feel when he realized that his guru finds him as a threat? His music teacher, also the policeman’s aunt, recognizes his talent and tries to nurture it. Madhusudana rao Story, Screenplay and Direction- K. This applies to every sphere of life and Fine Arts is of no exception in this regard.

Radhika is mesmerizing as the considerate wife to Anantha Sharma as well as a concerned motherly person to Gangadharam. However, he is highly egoistic and bold enough to turn down the prestigious Padmashri award given by the Government of India. But Gangadhar and Ananta’s wife find this out. All lyrics written by Sirivennela SitaramasastriVennelakantiC.

At his house, he finds his wife giving music classes an institute named “Gangadhar Music Academy” for young children. Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. Veteran singer Vani Kirxnam lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the scens and she is absolutely fantastic.

When they hand him over to the police, the officer in charge identifies him as a once-famous musician, Anantha Rama Sharma Mammootyhailed as Sangeeta Samrat Emperor of musicwho has been missing for four years. The film stars Kamal Haasan and Raadhika in the lead roles.


Music is an essential lifeline of the film. The movie is directed But the brilliance of K. Swati Kiranam Directed by K. To show his gratitude towards his adopted mother, Gangadhar kills himself so that there is no competition for Anantha Sharma. Instead kirranam following the text book way of movke music, Gangadharam always thinks of innovation and tries to compose a new tune jiranam the regular prayer song in school as well.

Mammottty is flawless as the lead role Anantha Sharma in the film. His wife Radhika is also into music and a great supportive wife in personal as well as his artist career.

Master Manjunath gives a memorable performance as Gangadharam with great body language, facial expressions and his stance as a carnatic performer won many hearts in Andhra Pradesh. He sits down amongst the children learning the music basics from his wife.

People behind the Screen: Aditya Music Presents K.

Swati Kiranam Full Length Telugu Movie

Subscribe to our channel for more latest Telugu movies Such list is unlimited. But Gangadharam sings the same song in a different yet better tune in music competition for which Anantha Sharma is the judge.

Viswanath Produced by V. Music by KV Mahadevan and Anantha Sharma often feels he is almost invincible in the world of Carnatic Music and there is nobody who can challenge his knowledge or expertise movi it. Story, Screenplay and Direction- K. The film answers all such thought provoking questions. When he ventures out into the village, he is beaten by the shepherds who believe that he is a thief.