Summary of magnificence by estrella alfon? From the day she met him, she constantly dreamed of him, and eventually, she was infatuated with him. Rosa is the servant of a woman who drinks heavily, and sometimes has a bad temper, hitting her. She then realized that this “Angel”, can also whip a girl alone in the road at night. She had stayed with the mistress for over a year now. In the end, Rosa just accepts her fortune as a miserable servant. Angel was just a figure that she invented. Rosa was a kind, patient and understanding girl.

Estrella Alfon’s Servant Girl talks about Rosa, an abused maid who longs for freedom, happiness and love. Pleasure principle drives one to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. One evening, Rosa’s mistress sends her for wine. It began by introducing the characters and setting of the story. Estrella Alfon’s Servant Girl is a story about the servant girl in the story named Rosa. She throws a rock at the driver, although she can’t see his face because of the dark.

The way she imagined Angel seemed like he was also loning for her and that he was looking for a way to see and be with her again. It is about a girl named Rosa, who works for a mistress, who has a spell of bad humour but generous at times. The ego’s main concern then is with the individual safety and allows some of the id’s desire to be expressed.

Rosa takes her upstairs, secure in the knowledge that the mistress will gir remember anything that happened, and continues to work. The sad truth that Angel or Pedro did not think of anything of his kind gesture to this woman brought her back to reality that what she was just imagining was just an illusion for her to get away from the abuses that she was experiencing inside her mistress’ house.

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Can someone give me the summary of “Servant Girl” by Estrella Alfon?

Can someone give me the summary of “Servant Girl” by Estrella Alfon? Imagining him wanting him to see her and wanting him to hear her voice. The setting of the story Servant Girl estrelpa Estrella d Alfon was MiamiFlorida and she was scrubbing clothes in her mistress’ house.


The children want to have pencils for their immediate satisfaction and to envy their friends. It tells us the sad reality of some of the people working under others who have a higher societal class than them. First, there is the girl’s fantasy about the cochero, whom she conceives as different from servnat men, more gallant, gentler, and to whom serrvant gives the name “Angel.

The short story entitled Servant Girl is a nice story. For me, this symbolizes cleanliness and purity, to take away the pleasure that Vicente seeks with the little girl. He was left alone with the girl.

SHORT STORY: Servant Girl by Estrella D. Alfon

The abuses that one alvon is caused by the superior thinking of their ‘masters’. The driver makes a comment about the horse’s whip narrowly missing her beautiful breasts, and Rosa is infuriated. Have you ever struggled with being a “servant”? She runs after the carriage, finds out his name is Pedro, and walks into the house, where the mistress is passed out, drunk.

Philippine Literature: Servant Girl by Estrella Alfon

Rosa experienced too much suffering from her mistress and she also experienced being in love with a person that she just first met. From the day she met him, she constantly dreamed of him, and eventually, she was infatuated with him.

The story of the “Servant Girl” by Estrella Alfon is about a girlnamed Rosa who works estrellla a bad tempered mistress. But this time it was different.

He uses the pencils to let the girl be close to him because he knows that she is fond of it. Faith or believing someone Strangers should never be trusted. Rosa is the servant of a woman who drinks heavily, and sometimes has a bad temper, hitting her.

She then made her mind that there’s no way to run now, that her only choice is to go back to her mistress. One day while Rosa is carrying laundry, a pacl of dogs scares her and she falls, which causes her to twist estrflla ankle and bh her breast when her clothing falls open.


This work o Estrella Alfon will surely bring you to a realization that even though it is hard to say, the reality is there is really cases like this all over the country and the world. Trust or faith is not inherited, eestrella is gained. For me, it’s a very great story for it also instills the values that we must still get from such a story. It captures the emotional roller coaster than she has; from the crying to the joy of serant an ‘Angel’ then coming back to the state of mind of who she really is and what she is doing.

Rosa is portrayed as a physically and verbally abused servant girl to an obnoxious but at times kind mistress. It really touched it’s readers hearts. Posted by Arvin Caranto at 8: She would sing aloud when her mistress was in an up mood so she would not be scolded and she would imagine how the cochero, even though etsrella cannot see her, he would long for her voice.

He was actually trying to earn the little girls trust and wanted to molest and touch her physically. For the little girl, these things were nothing because her mind was not open to such things. View my complete profile. As for Vicente, his id is obviously estfella because he was about to seek pleasure with the girl of seven by having her sit on his lap and kiss him during the time of their tutorial class.

estrrella The mother also asked the girl to burn the pencils Vicente gave to them so that they would always forget the man and never ever be tattooed on their mind.