In certain aspects, hand trucks having a motor assembly and a battery pack mount arranged to removably receive a battery pack arranged for a portable tool are disclosed. An engine with at least one cylinder is mounted to the vehicle frame such that a cylinder plane extends generally longitudinally and vertically. Disclosed is a device for automatically assembling a hinge, comprising a connecting piece module assembly device, an adjustment sheet module assembly device, a main body bracket module assembly device, and a finished hinge product assembly device, wherein the connecting piece module assembly device is used for assembling a connecting piece module; the adjustment sheet module assembly device is used for riveting an adjustment sheet module; the main body bracket module assembly device is used for assembling a main body bracket, a main body bracket bolt, and a screw into a main body bracket module; and the high finished product assembly device is used for assembling the connecting piece module, the adjustment sheet module, the main body bracket module, and other materials into a finished hinge product. Each roller wheel has one of said reduced-friction guides mounted thereon such that the reduced-friction guide interacts with track guide blocks such that the reduced-friction guide is configured to be the point of contact between the mid-roller and the track guide blocks. The rear cushion mounting portion is positioned forward of the connecting portion of the main frame when viewed from a side view of the motorcycle. Aparatos de maniobra; Aparatos de desplazamiento, remolque o empuje; Anclaje.

This brake device is provided with: A spring based regenerative braking system is adapted to be mounted on a rear wheel of a vehicle comprises a handle assembly, a rear wheel assembly, a roller wheel assembly and a discharge level assembly that selectively operate in three modes namely a Synchronization mode, an Asynchronization mode and a Discharge mode for storing braking energy during braking events of the vehicle and efficient utilization and management thereof in stop and go traffic conditions. A well car includes a well floor, a first end portion, a second end portion, and a first side assembly. In various embodiments, the autonomous robot vehicle includes a conveyance system, a securable compartment configured to autonomously lock and unlock where the securable compartment contains an item for delivery to a particular individual, a personal identification reader, at least one processor, and a memory storing instructions. A steering column assembly comprises a telescopic shroud having an outer shroud portion and an inner shroud portion, a clamp rail fixed to an upper face of the inner shroud portion including a slot, a clamp bolt that extends perpendicular to the shroud, a rocker comprising a body from which extends a lever arm, the body having an opening through which the clamp bolt passes, the rocker converting a rotation of the clamp bolt about its axis in a first direction into an upward motion of the lever arm and into a downward motion when the clamp bolt is rotated in the opposing second direction, a toothed block having two opposed racks of locking teeth that is connected to a carrier element, the carrier element in turn being connected to the lever of the rocker arm such that movement of the lever arm up and down causes movement of the carrier element up and down between an upper position and a lower position. Nombre de la persona inventora. The method also includes ascertaining the coefficient of friction using the processed sensor signals. Front and rear mount parts support the power unit.


The beam is profiled and has at least one inner chamber. At least a portion of the at least one cylinder is disposed forward of a front wheel plane. A controller is configured to restrict selection of the first mode when an ta,ices output power of the battery to be supplied taba the second rotary machine is smaller than a predetermined value. In at least one combination operation, each of the group trajectories of each transportation vehicle is selected and a resulting driving maneuver is checked based on the selected group trajectories to determine if the driving maneuver fulfils a predetermined optimization criterion, and the avoidance trajectories are determined based on the group trajectories of a combination operation with tablx fulfilled optimization criterion.

A mooring line 10 comprising a tqbla chain 24 and an elastomeric element 28 which is attached between two points of attachment 30, 32 thereby defining a bypass section 34 of metal chain A bicycle saddle for attaching to a bicycle seat post including a rearward seat portion extending forwardly to a soft compressible nose.

The inlet and the channel of main body bend the reverse flow such that tsbla the reverse flow exits the outlet the reverse flow is primarily lateral. A vehicle control apparatus is applied to a vehicle so as to control driving of an electric motor of the vehicle. Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente.

A link member connecting part connects a link member configured to couple the swing arm and a rear cushion each other. The ECU is also designed to calculate an energy-efficient acceleration pattern to accelerate the vehicle from the current speed to the target vehicle speed based on a goal to minimize energy usage of the power source. At least the end row has three or more of the reinforcement elements which are distributed along a polygonal curve. When the type of failure is a power failure, a first control signal is transmitted that connects a back-up ssrie source to an electrical power network of the AGV or aerial drone.

The radio transmitter is to transmit the notification data.

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Further, a system for extracting oil from an underside of a closed ice cover may comprise such a remote-controlled underwater vehicle and a submarine that can receive the remote-controlled underwater vehicle and store oil retrieved by the remote-controlled underwater vehicle.

The engine is entirely disposed between a center of the left footrest and a center of the right footrest in the lateral direction. The control panel 4 has a rest position and an operational position and, in the rest position, is located in a control panel holder 41 while, in the operational position, is at least partially located outside the control panel holder 41 such that control elements 42 are accessible for operation. A server receives first identification information unique to a user of a vehicle from a first terminal device, receives second identification information unique to a user of a second terminal device from the second terminal device, generates second authentication information based on the first identification information, the second identification information, and first authentication information stored in a first storage unit, and transmits the second authentication information to the second terminal device.


The hoist is coupled to the bracket and the carrier support and is configured to normally lock the carrier support and to be selectively actuatable to unlock the carrier support. Also, the tether has a through hole. The embedded processor receives an instruction to perform a computational task involving an operation of the vehicle and offloads the computer task to a remote processor.

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A vehicle energy management system is connected to the Electric Tag Axle and to a traction battery pack, and is configured to operate the Electric Tag Axle in a low range motoring mode, a high range motoring mode, a regenerative braking mode, and in the neutral mode.

Valve structure is in fluid communication with the source of pressurized air.

The valve structure is located substantially central relative to each of the air actuated brake assemblies. The hanger bracket 50 is assembled with the stopper bracket 40and a pair of side plates 51 and 51 of the hanger bracket 50 are interposed between the pair of clamp parts 23 and 23 and the pair of outer column support parts 11 a and 11 a.

A coupling member disposed between the lock base and the torsion shaft is fixed to the lock base and to a torsion shaft. Dispositivos para bloquear las columnas a posiciones seleccionadas. The steering shaft defines a first plurality of splines extending from a first steering shaft end towards a second steering shaft end along a steering column axis. The first side portion is coupled to the first end portion.

The controller is configured to determine if at least one predefined enabling condition is met.

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The power transmission mechanism includes a drive shaft extending from the upper case toward the lower case. A torque sensor TS measures the relative shift angle between the upper and lower steering shaft and includes a multi-pole ring magnet and a magnetic flux conductor.

The computer may be programmed to cap power provided by ttamices powertrain above the power limit to an energy limit.

The nose module is configured to be connected to a tow cable for towing the tow body through water and comprises a nose module mating interface. The locking assembly is mounted in the wheel base and has a pushing rod, a pushed rod, and a pushing spring. The windshield-wiper actuator clears the precipitation from a windshield of the host-vehicle.

First connector is disposed on electronic security device and includes first engagement member. A second motor is operated by one of the electric power translated by the first rotary machine and an electric power accumulated in the battery to generate a power. A method converts an at least partially automated driving maneuver in a vehicle.