Usagi enters them in a mock battle tournament against the other academy Platoons. December 20, [10]. Ikaruga resolves to keep fighting now she knows Kanaria is waiting for her. Kiseki’s body begins to split apart, releasing flying demons into the sky to attack Oka. The Chairman suspects she knows where the cell is hidden. Retrieved from ” https: Takeru immediately signs up 35th Platoon to take part as his parents left him with large debts and his little sister to support so he is desperate for money.

Anime series licensed for home video relea Takeru insists on having some fun. In prison Oka thanks Takeru for making her life more peaceful. However, everything changes when Ouka Ootori, a powerful yet rebellious former Inquisitor, is forced into joining due to her tendency to break rules and committing a serious violation: Takeru easily beats Reima, exposing him as a coward. August 22, [15].

Usagi’s dreams about her brother who had been playing with a rifle and when she tried to stop him it killed him.

Inside the lab Isuka reveals after Ikaruga escaped she was modified by shkutai scientists to be more focused and feel pain whenever she experienced an emotion, ensuring she wouldn’t escape like Ikaruga did. April 19, [8].

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The Chairman’s subordinate Kurogane enters her cell to subdue her. Takeru and Kiseki have a nice time and Kiseki asks Takeru for a favour.

Kiseki is arrested and fitted with a Gleipnir. Her power surges and she transforms into a horned demon and begins absorbing her restraints.

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Their mission over Oka buys Mari, Lapis and Usagi ice creams as a treat for defeating the monster without her. Takeru is captain of the 35th Test Platoon, the least effective team in the school, consisting of himself, Usagi Saionji, a sniper who suffers from stage fright, and Ikaruga Suginami, a tech genius who enjoys sexually harassing people, especially Usagi. Isuka chose to stay at Alchemist. Mari expresses her desire to use magic to help people. Oka, Mari and Usagi ae held prisoner at the lab and are interrogated by Isuka who is surprised Ikaruga managed to make friends.


Mari tearfully thanks him for keeping her safe and is happy she met him. Finding her he pulls her free, separating her from the growing demon bodies which dissolve and disappear, but cannot bring himself to kill her.

Mari and Oka immediately fight with each other which gets worse as taimadiu compete in class, with Oka being more physically capable and Mari being more intellectually capable. Takeru rewards her by patting her head, just like she wanted him to.

The Chairman visits the prison and watches Kiseki being woken up. The Chairman sends Kurogane to capture Kiseki. Rather than hand over the cell Ikaruga wants to destroy taimaadou Dark Elf project and escape with Isuka like she wanted to 4 years ago. Takeru suddenly awakens, wearing much more powerful armour and forcibly deactivates Oka’s Relic Eater, telling the girls to taimaodu to safety before his soul is fully consumed and he is no longer Takeru anymore. Oka reveals a witch murdered her parents and sister and she hates both witches and magic.

Now certain, Usagi shoots Oka, expelling Mephistopheles, then uses the second bullet to shoot Mephistopheles directly, destroying her soul. In flashback Takeru had discovered his little sister in a storehouse near their home and learned from his father that every daughter from their clan for generations were born demons and killed at birth, but every generation produced more powerful demon girls until eventually Kiseki was born fully immortal and incapable of being killed.


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Mari is about to do so but Takeru, having seen through Haunted’s lies, tells Mari the orphans are dead, which Haunted confirms. Discovered by the girls Takeru draws his sword and almost attacks them when they see Kiseki. December 20, [7]. Views Read Edit View history. Takeru reassures Oka she isn’t alone anymore before collapsing from exhaustion with his head in her lap, which Oka admits isn’t that bad. Before he can reach his sister he is attacked by Haunted who resisted being absorbed, determined to take Kiseki to Valhalla.

Haunted activates his spell, summoning an armoured Einherjarthe resurrected soul of King Arthur wielding a handheld Railgun infused with the magic of Excaliburand orders it to free witches held prisoner under the Anti-Magic Academy.

Oka and Usagi, who had taken this long to aim her rifle with her injured eye, distract Haunted so Mari can cast an extremely powerful spell, but misses again.

They are released by President Nagaru who reveals Kiseki was attacked by Valhalla. Gakueb 22, [17].

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After a brief fight Kyoya is overwhelmed by Takeru and Oka and escapes. Although Takeru had planned no such thing they almost kiss when she tries to seduce him naked in his living room.

Takeru battles his way past the Alchemist controlled dragoons. Eventually she would consume the whole planet. Miss Watery attacks the airplane transport, but it is a decoy and Kiseki is on a truck.