Date Range Search within this date range: The midfielder fired home from the spot in the fourth, 39th and 71st minutes. KL to downgrade ties with Australia: The watch comes in a variety of colours, depending on where the stone for the case. The Borneo Bulletin, in a report on Wednesday, said seri ous bush fires. At the Tropics Coffee Garden.

Demand for logs will continue to be strong in view of the trade surpluses and economic buoyancy in buyer countries, such as Japan,. Apparently referring to the fundamentalist Parti Islam, Dr Mahathir said that the group had. The Guillemard Cup used to be an annual Ma-laysia-Singapore clash,. In the Far East market, trading was rather dull and featureless. Leaner US force in Europe? Cheaper tour packages The cut in tour pru m to certain destinations takes effect today The Khamis Case. The Dutch found it difficult to break down a Maltese side operating.

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Ministry of the Environment Page Against the Singapore dollar, it closed firmer at 2. Date Range Search within this date range: This showed that parents recognised that the quality of. We offer a full range of office equipment to suit ALL fpisode office needs.

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Apart from their usual training stints in New Zealand under. The former Malaysian Open champion subdued junior international Ong Poh Ling, and then. Proposed changes to school system appear to be purely cosmetic [LETTER] Page 36 Proposed changes to school system appear to be purely cosmetic To say that children who do not master the languages and mathematics by a certain age are weaker students is wrong and misleading because it does not take into consideration other cognitive abilities such as artistic and creative skills.


This is the mathematics garden to be found in the new million-dollar Kampong Kembangan. She is a staff-midwife in the Obstetrics Ward in a local private hospital, and in her free time she conducts part-time courses, at a little office in. Pistons 94 Hornets H. Senior nursing officer, Capt David Tay, 39, probably echoed the sentiments of many when he said.

Weather UP TO 1 p. Cambridge scholar is top SAP officer cadet THE latest top officer cadet in the Singapore Armed Forces intends to get maximum mileage from the better-quality men being enlisted. The Environment Ministry has checked every consignment to ensure that they are free of. Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Mr Zaher Mohammed Zaher, Director of. Dhana THK Mousing Hond does not try to jack up rentals or sale of its shops by deliberately holding back their supply, said National.

The Straits Times Kstd. This was the result of an application by another rice vermicelli maker. THE small fishing village of Xunpu lies at the estuary of the Jinjiang river, eight km south of Quanzhou. At company level, the pre-tax profit shrank 7. Her 13th album, Shouting Stage, was followed by a world tour which culminated in this concert at the Hammersmith Odeon, London.

The royalty scheme, expressed as a percentage of total revenue has a proven worldwide track.


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A complete range of accredited courses for tertiary entrance is offered. Garden Green, badly damaged in a collision at the Spanish port of Algpriras will unload its cargo of Police Colonel Sawad Sarasith is wanted for suspected theft of seized marijuana from a police storehouse.

A bird-ringing contest is being held at epusode coffeeshop at the junction of Seng Poh Road. Ministry Those found contaminated are rejected and refused entry MILK powder, from East and West European countries, which are allowed to be sold in retail outlets here, are safe for consumption. A spokesman for one leading hotel said Singaporeans accounted for 12 per.

In the absence of other concrete factors, the market focused on index-linked trading related to year-end. Genuine masters YOU want lo buy a hi iirsc painting, hut yon do not know enough ahout Chi MM art to pirk up sonic thiiu; by a genuine master. Now Mills Boon invites you to epidode the magic of romance, away from the daily hustle and bustle. The FM, the US central bank, has been cutting interest rates.

The pact calls for all. Philippine government epizode Ramon Mitra left looking on as rebel negotiators Satnr Ocampo centre and Antonio Znmel sign the ceasefire agreement between the government and communist rebels. UJOam to pm Dinner: