I agree with you. I want all the girl to try. Laki-laki tua duduk santai, kaki diselunjur kedepan, tangan kanan memegang sebotol vodka, tangan kiri mengayun-ayun. You should come back before the dinner. Yes, I am his best friend! This is the money. This is my last hope!

Be clean or I will ask you to wash it twice. When Cinderella come to the ball, all the people surprised because of her beauty. That is how Cinderella do everyday. Konflik memuncak dan Nasib Jadi Babu monolog Yoga kejutan-kejutan akhir akan menjawab rasa penasaran para penonton. Then the giant apologized to Timun Mas as well as to the hermit. They live happily ever after. Yeats Sandiwara Basa Jawi Dening:

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Duke come to every house and ask every girl to try the glass shoes, but no one can wear it because it is very small. See you again seventeen years from now, humans. I want all of the girl try to wear this shoes. Answer my question Biyung! The fairy who help Cinderella to go to the ball. Is it for real?


Take that one too, evil creature! Hey, peasant, where is your lovely daughter? Notify me of new posts by email. But the giant was eating the cucumbers. What happen 17th year ago? I must run faster! Yeats Sandiwara Basa Jawi Dening: So just call me hermit. The little baby is you gived me, was died!

Hingga ia lebih memilih untuk berhenti menunggu walaupun sebenarnya kalau ia masih punya sisa kesabaran sedikit lagi, wajahnya yang cantik akan terlukis di canvas yang ia bawa maa. Are you remember your promise?

There you are, little girl! He muslkal in the coach. The cucumber grew very big! How can this big thing give us a daughter? I promise I will always protect my child. These will help you get away from the giant.

Finally, the good hermit helped Buto Ijo, his best friend.

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You ugly, the prince will be sick to see you. As if I care! Pakaian biasa aja kayaknya. Thank you, mom and dad! Desperately she then threw her last weapon, the shrimp paste.


Dari tempat penonton hingga depan itmun terbentang sebuah jembatan menyentuh lantai, namun ada pegangan tangan dikiri dan kanan. Genie give Aladin a flower. Cinderella has leave the palace.

They tomun Cinderella very badly. Musik bertaluan dari belakang layar, sementara layar masih tertutup.

Aveenda Zhafira 29 Maret Do it or I will throw you from this house.

You too please take care of yourselves! This is my husband. Once upon a time, in a place deep inside the forest, there were a green giant named Buto Ijo and a sacred hermit.

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Seorang lelaki, mencerminkan kemiskinan berjalan ditengahtengah penonton meniti jembatan. Aladin, yes, I will. What shall we do? Oh my God, the giant is coming!