Rhoda Chesterfield, who wrongly ends up as a suspect for the Ross’ financial loss, ends up losing her money after Ravi informs the government about some illegal tax deductions that he found on her computer, so Tony offers to let Mrs. Jessie, Ravi, and Luke pretend to be waiters and try to get them back. Even worse than your prom disaster? Ravi lied to Bertram about who was responsible for putting a cricket in his lobster bisque and continues to lie to him, which puts Bertram into more trouble. Jessie tries to become the teacher’s pet, but accidentally ends up becoming her best friend. Kipling must come to the rescue. It’s okay, Jessie, I didn’t get hurt.

To Emma’s dismay, they are assigned to do an art project together and Rosie ends up embarrassing her. Zuri saves her, which then allows her to get a badge. All this “women and children first” bunk is a load of hooey. Kipling suddenly escapes into Mrs. Jessie meets her grandmother who tells her Taylor’s birthday is coming up. Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Luke starts break-dancing again, but he hears a scream coming from the kitchen.

Bertram, get a grip! Instead, Jessie has to go to school and is late. In the end, Luke and Ravi find jessir way out, Jessie finally sees that Zuri is all grown up, and Bertram apologizes to Emma and convinces her to audition, which she agrees episodr if he auditions with her.

Jealous, Jessie throws Nana out after a banana peel is left on the stairs, which upsets Zuri. Kipling is seen wearing the toupee after she pooped it out.

Give me that phone! But watch those hands. The producer gets mad and fires Zuri and Jessie. Angela is sweet at first, but has a hidden dark side.

Help Tony with the boys.

Jessie gets over-excited and says yes before the temoest could say their opinions. Let me step on your back! It works and Mrs Kipling makes them leave by giving them a fright. Peasant Tony will do anything to please Princess Jessie, though he is going against another guy fighting for her, who is supposed to represent a rich guy named Brody in the real world. Agatha twists the truth and writes that Jessie always spanks Zuri and that was proof.


Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, Luke starts break-dancing again, but he hears a scream coming from the kitchen. But these starfish cookies are a little chewy. In the real world, a guy named Brody asks Jessie out on a date, which actually causes Tony to become jealous.

I’m just allergic to tea. Chesterfield’s pet chihuahua, Zeus, is revealed as the culprit. However, when she thinks he has forgotten it, she writes an angry song and uploads it on Emma’s video blog and it becomes a hit.

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Meanwhile, Ravi competes for the talent show, but Bertram wants him to sing and Luke wants him to dance. I can’t wait for them to have their first romantic dance!

First Lady Michelle Obama as herself. In the end, Emma finishes her twmpest using the experiences in the adventure while Luke and Bertram end up with hundreds of spider babies episofe the eggs that the speckled recluse laid. Dangerous is what makes it fun. Meanwhile, Jessie and Tony go on their fourth date and try to make it perfect because of their previous three dates all going wrong and because of Jessie’s bad experience with a previous prom date.

After Emma neglects to pick up Zuri from school and talks back to Jessie about it, Jessie grounds her, telling her she cannot go to the school dance. At the party, Maybelle has become sophisticated, which attracts Emma’s new boyfriend Rick, who asks her out. They must work together to save the ship and themselves when a storm approaches. Rhoda Chesterfield, Malia Tyler as Heidi. What am I, chopped liver? Rhoda Chesterfield moves into their apartment while Tony lets Jessie and the children use his.


Tony believes Jessie is jwssie planning to set him up with herself, but when he learns she set him up with her friend, he asks the janitor, Earl, to take Jessie out on a date, unaware that Earl likes to eat food people throw out. Unfortunately, he ends up at the concert, but Jessie is able to tell him she loves him and plays the song she originally intended to sing him.

Jessie – S 1 E 20 – Tempest In A Teacup

Rumors arise of a man named Grimm Holloran, spisode doorman with a strange personality. Brooks stops the Jeep to allow Ravi to get in. After Zuri’s doll is ruined, she and Jessie attempt to raise two-hundred dollars for a new one, despite attempts on being stopped by a cop and Mrs.

Even though Morgan tells everyone not to tell people that Jordan is staying at the Aa penthouse, Emma tries to ruin Jessie’s date with Jordan, disobeying her father’s orders.

Meanwhile, Emma’s new rebellious and temperamental behavior becomes a big impact on her and Jessie. Or lit a waiter on fire?

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You mean like this? Zuri saves her, which then allows her to get a badge. Ravi Ross Skai Jackson Jessie decides to go, but the children each try to make either Jessie or Brooks regret going with the other.

While trying to be the bigger person, Emma is teased by Bryn. But he loves sports and Emma does not know anything about sports.