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Report to us if you see wrong video, broken link or subtitles out of sync! Koizumi Kotaro Princess Kiku: Watch Episode 26 Sub. Hayashi Kunishiro Gesture Instructor: Watch Episode 19 Sub. The battle at Uozu Castle is approaching its conclusion as well even though Shibata Katsuie, who is leading the attack, has no idea that his lord is dead. Tenchijin – Episode 22 EngSub. Tenchijin – Episode 4.


Watch Episode 1 Sub. Nagasawa Masami Akechi Mitsuhide: Discusion Facebook Report to Admin. Takashima Reiko Uesugi Kenshin: They die bravely, with the thoughts of the people closest to them in their minds and hearts. Tenchijin – Episode 6. Matsumoto Minoru Takenomata Yoshitsuna: Tsukahara Kenji Higuchi Yoroku flashback: The Empress Of China Episode In Kyoto, Mitsuhide is busy sending letters left and right in an attempt to gain allies for his cause.

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Watch Episode 41 Sub. Watch Episode 18 Sub. Watch Episode 30 Sub. Tokiwa Takako Izumisawa Hisahide: Watch Episode 35 Sub. Osen is saddened by his admission and asks him if he only married her for the sake of the clan.

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May 10, Viewership: As he is about to start eating, Kanetsugu finds himself unable to do so and explains to Osen that he feels that he had been unfair to the people still fighting in Uozu. Watch Episode 16 Sub. Kanetsugu and the others quickly chase after the retreating Mori into Shinano but the enemy manages to escape by crossing a river and then setting fire to the bridge. Watch Episode 12 Sub. He cuts himself free of the restraint and Hatsune epiisode. Abe, Yoshie and the others retreat into the inner areas of the castle and somewhat reminiscent of what happened with Nobunaga earlier prepare to commit suicide.


Furthermore, Takigawa Kazumasu and Mori Nagayoshi had also retreated. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Watch Episode 24 Sub.

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Kanetsugu feels guilt towards Osen for becoming the new son-in-law of the Naoe clan without ever asking for her opinion on the matter. Watch Episode 22 Sub.