The Spiez defeat her and find and defeat the Granny. Sherry first appeared in Mission No. In the ranch, the four Spiez finally meet the original Spies: The Spiez investigate when they discover that an anthropologist acting like a caveman plans to return the world into the dinosaur age. The villain is now after the Spiez and tries to use their parents to eliminate them. The famous hairdresser, Tress Locksley has been repeatedly attacked.

When the Spiez get shrunken themselves they must find some way to reverse the gadget and get back to their normal size before Davey smashes them into oblivion. The Spiez are sent to investigate a series of abductions. Even though the mission is , this is the first time they meet Davey. Chameleon Leon 1 Error: The Granny quickly defeats the Spiez and leaves to “re-live her youth”. Lee, Marc and Tony are called by Jerry and told that someone has hacked into the system. They find out that the Sunrise Tan was responsible for making them act crazy over girls who have themselves tanned with Sunrise Tan. Megan is teased by her brothers because she is a poor skateboarder.

So he sneaks out of the house and then is abducted by the same kidnapper. Feeling left out, she hacks into amazkng open case files at Epksode and finds a case to solve, trying to prove she is just as good as the boys. The Spiez visit the abandoned island which used to be WOOHP’s supercomputer site and end up falling for many hidden traps. Megan wants to impress the basketball team captain by performing in a talent show. The gadget that Jerry 2. In the B-story, Lee must get his act together after a humiliating loss of a basketball game in front of the whole school.

While eoisode on the street, a truck almost hits Tony, but he throws it to the other side of the road and figures out that he has super strength. It’s up to the Spiez to stop episodw fight between Tress and Kat. Sherry Lewis 2 Absent: Tony gets captured by the villain and the older ones have to save him. In the B-story, Megan becomes environmentally conscious and makes organic replacements for many everyday products.


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Tony wants to go to the factory of the superspy Flakes, to see how they make them, he is the last kid to receive the special ring. The Spiez are sent to protect a famous TV spy actor from various incidents. The Spiez are sent to investigate a series of dpiez. Marc is out to prove that Virtual Virgil does not know everything.

At the same time, the Spiez’s snoopy aunt comes to their house and finds Megan’s diary containing information about their missions. She is a colleague to the scientists she abducted.

In the B-story, Marc gets a crush on a girl classmate. He uses it to kidnap Sam, Clover and Alex and then to kidnap the other Spiez to destroy them. Chameleon Leon 2 Note: In the B-story, Lee gets a 322 at Siber Smoothie and has to create his own smoothie.

Later, Megan goes missing after getting her new skateboard that she will use to show her brothers that she can skate. In the B-story, Tami steals all of Megan’s looks. They hurry off to catch the Macho Man. A mysterious object lands in the desert. Jerry thhe sick and asks the Spiez to go on dangerous missions to find a cure.

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This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat This mission is numbered the same as “Nano Spiez! The creator of Sunrise Tan was dumped by her boyfriend, so she made Sunrise Tan to get revenge. Chameleon Leon returns in Mission No. Chauncy and his plants. Certain scientists have been abducted and the Spiez are sent to investigate. Also, Mel first appeared in Mission No.


They bicker about it and tell Jerry that they were tired of working together. Their first mission is divided into two teams: Amazign experiment was stolen from a lab, and at the same time, children who are having 13th birthdays thd mutated. She brags about being a great actress. This is the first episode to include “evil” in its episode title just like several episodes of Totally Spies! Meanwhile, the Clark boys are acting crazy about Tami after admiring her Thhe Tanned skin.

Operation Yeti Bear

In the B-story Tami becomes best friends with the Clarks after they save her and her new sweater, but ends up causing more trouble for them as a friend than she ever did as an enemy.

Meanwhile, Tami has launched her doll brand. It is up to the Spiez to stop these animals. The famous hairdresser, Tress Locksley has been repeatedly attacked. Davey Hacker 3 Note: In s;iez B-story, Marc must overcome his fear of heights, which he got zmazing his mission against the Human Projectile which is shown when Jerry hypnotized him.

Jerry must try to save the Spiez. They find beeswax and a giant bee stinger. In the B-story, Tony has terrible grades and is grounded, making him unable to go on missions.