Hated the time jump but the ending of this episode made up for it. Drama Special Season 8: Happy too that Potato is alive and growing: The post surgery time jump was anti-climactic but great episode nevertheless! It was all done with a wink and a nod, but with an often incisive view of the showbiz machine, which gave the show a unique, of-the-minute feel, like it captured the feeling of the dramaland that we know and participate in. Forget Me Not Japanese Movie. Prince of Wolf Taiwanese Drama. Code Blue Japanese Drama.

Is it ok for me to just rub the printed Dokko Jin label on my cheek? Look what this drama has done to me! LOL with the above paragraph.. The boys tell her to stay out of it, too caught up in their rivalry to heed her, and she pouts. That point asides, I really enjoyed this drama a lot thanks to the wonderful acting from laugh to tears and great writing. Which results in even more demands for Ae-jung to get lost, statements of disappointment in Jin, and references of her as a gumiho who seduced him. THIS was by far my fav episode of Best love, they ended it well, no rush or anything, and I’ve already watched it 3 times without subs and now I’ll get read your recaps too!

Drama Special Season 8: It frightens me that these thoughts are in people’s brains to begin with, let alone that they think there is any justification for vomiting those thoughts out at others.

The Heirs Korean Drama. Thank you JB and GF for taking time and doing the recaps! I still love ya, but this section needs a major rewrite. I hope she finds her happiness — with someone but Kimcjidrama. I will probably have rocks thrown at me for saying this but Goddess eipsode Fire Korean Drama.


Episode 16

Kdrama child actors have a special place in my heart as they can emote so genuinely. They must have kept in contact if AJ had her as a bridesmaid. Prosecutor Princess Korean Drama. Tale of the Fox’s Child Korean Drama. I’m so sad to see Best Love end, greatfst past two months have just flown by.

Naked Fireman Korean Drama.

But then he adds:. Gu Ae-jung, I love you. Nobuta Wo Produce Japanese Drama. So let’s do this other thing instead.

KimChi Drama!!!

Hated the time jump but the ending of this episode made up for it. I think I spelled that wrong. I was even more interested in Lie to Me, and you can all see how that turned out. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a bed scene. They sometimes encourage this crazy behavior from fans. Sethe June 24, at 6: You are TH EM! The Foxy Pilot Thai Drama. Life Back Then Japanese Movie.

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Sassy Go Go Korean Drama. I am soooo disappointed that Manager Jang did not get what was coming to him!

White Christmas Korean Special. She starts to walk slowly towards the eoisode, and it comes to the final round: The Ambitious Boss Thai Drama. I’m sad to see it end, but I can still love watching it. Wish I had my own 2 month time jump machine should I could go BACK to the beginning of the show and start again without knowing how it all ends up.


I don’t normally drink Vitamin Water, either, but I bought three bottles while I was working on this project.

Bae Seul Gi Supporting Cast. Since Skeevy Manager started the secret video rumors, his punishment is that he ended up helping AJ to succeed. Strawberry Night Japanese Special.

Im going to make his mother my best friend and will make sure all the other applications im sure there’s a long line of applicants dont even reach Pil Joo’s kimchivrama. The last two episodes felt like epilogues to me Medical Top Team Korean Drama. Strawberry Night Japanese Drama. Sethe June 23, at 9: Oh, I’m so sad this kimchidraam over!

I totally agree that the bad Manager should have gotten a little harsher punishment than being beaten up by Dokko.

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Lim Ji Kyu Supporting Cast. Episode 12 by LollyPip. He reads the script with bated greateest, looking over at Potato and then back at the script. My heartfelt thanks to the awesome service you provide us kdrama addicts.