I particularly liked that you got the gang out of the office environment more. And Matt Berry is very good, shame he gets such a hard time from a lot of comedy forums. Hi Graham, I think you are on to a winner with the Roy-Jen storyline in the next series. LeadProtagonist Member Oct 1, Not to seem greedy…. Well done Graham, really enjoyed this series.

If that makes sense. If the status quo continues to win out in I. Just as the season was getting going as well! But i will say that The IT Crowd is the only show i actually make sure i watch every week without fail. IT Crowd special to air at the end of this month. But, oddly, it sounds more like a laugh track than real laughter — maybe they did something technical to synthesise it?

Hooray Graham, cast and crew! Thanks for doing what you do.

The Mighty Thesaurus wrote: Nowt wrong with it. I have been informed that this is called writing a book. The rest of my thoughts on the episode will have to wait until 4oD sorts me out. You make me laugh. September 28, at 6: When Jen threw the coffee on the homeless woman I lost it, and then they capitalised on it so beautifully.

The IT Crowd – UK Comedy Series

Job well done Graham. The over the top acting takes some getting used to, but it really is the only way to present that kind of material.

The last show that i ever did this with was Red Dwarf in about I’d suggest watching the first couple of episodes to get a feel for the characters and the type of comedy. Really nice site you have here.


IT Crowd special to air at the end of this month

fhe Is this something to do with sex? I have episofe the great pleasure and honor of introducing The IT Crowd to quite a few of my friends, and they also have become enthusiastic fans.

Speaking of Darkplace, please get Matthew Holness into the next series somehow. In fact, I think you are one of the few writers around in the UK well, Ireland obviously who could write for The Simpsons. Any way for us yanks to watch yet?

The missing hand was a classic, but where was Richmond? I have broken the tabs of Series 2. I hope something similar exists on the series 2 dvd. The way the laws of logic are bended to fit around the ridiculous rules of classic comedy scenario’s are where most of the comedy comes from for me – they do it in a very clever and knowing way.

Conrad Lt Member Oct 1, Oct 20, 21, 0 0 England.

The IT Crowd, Episode 6 | Why, That\’s Delightful!

P Banned Sep 30, The fake severed hand sequence…. Sep 24, 6, 1 0. I hope, 3rd season will be more IT-specific, cause it is what are we loved! Actually, I only want one thing: I must watch this. As my 14 year old has just been diagnosed with Aspergers he can identify positively with both Moss and Roy, and goes around quoting various phrases from the series.

And what IS behind the green door? Cheers mate, for making me fall off my given seating more times than anything else on the telly, from Father Ted to now. I look forward to watching this… in episove usual manner. Anyhoo, just watched ep6.


The IT Crowd – All 4

No registered users and 11 guests. You could watch those moments tye and over and over and you would never get tired of them.

Some of the smaller jokes really made me laugh: Loved the stuff with the lads on their own, and the stuff with Jen and Douglas too. I wouldnt want to see Roy and Jen together!

So the Benny Hill ending was really there out of necessity. On the flip side, the whole thing actually reminded me of why I liked Father Ted – specifically the gross misunderstanding plotline. The show is going viral here. Great episode to go out on! Jun 8, 1, 0 0.

IT Crowd special to air at the end of this month. Oct 4, 8, 1 Our company eventually was eaten by a bigger fish and we were left in a corner of the old building to continue our horrible ways while the rest of the staff moved to a new clean shiny office building and tried hard to forget episide we existed.

All eeries be revealed in a nerdy pause rewind scenario serues on.