This one was a bit too violent for me, but it did have some redeeming social messages about bullying and not quitting although as a mom, I probably would have pulled my kid from the last match and got in the ring with the little bully! Daniel accompanies his mentor, Mr. He didn’t do much, and that was good! Maybe in 10years Jaden will have some actual acting skills, but for now this movie has been hyped up way too much and is way too crappy to be worth anyones time. Set up a giveaway. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle the karate kid sub download 0 English subtitle The. Lets start with Cohesion. Was this review helpful to you?

Customers who bought this item also bought. Han call Dre “Xiao Dre”? Ralph may not be stellar, but at least you cared about his character and the supporting cast. She was ultimately lacking chemistry with Jaden and not an interesting character, mostly annoying. There is a richness and texture to everything that takes place against the backdrop of China. However, this film lacks the 3 C’s. Dre Parker Jackie Chan I mean, it was a bunch of middle-schoolers flying.

Jaden shows no exceptional talent, and there’s little of the philosophy that makes a sentimental piece like this bearable. Okay, so he got into an accident and killed his wife and kid Why does Cheng hate Dre so much and continuously harass him?

Blu-ray May 14, “Please retry”.

Jackie Chen teach the little boy how the philosophy of Chinese martial art and the boy win eventually. Learn more More Like This. It is a family friendly movie. Billy Zabka and his croonies had personality you hated them and even cheered for Johnny at times, Daniels mom, Lucille had ridiculous personality, even sensei was personable.


Overall, it wasn’t worth watching. God forbid they make a sequel.

I found it very interesting how he and his mother got around so well with just having got there. Audible Download Audio Books. That would be a reflection of the film itself as it shows Mr Han learning from his student, subttles that gives the film a welcome twist when compared to the original.

I wish he would have fought more, though. I can only imagine if they have an extended version! Miyagi visits his dying father and confronts his old rival, while Daniel falls in love and inadvertently makes a new rival of his own.

The Karate Kid – Download Sinhala Subtitles

Han is much more than a maintenance man, when he’s revealed as a master of Kung Fu and Dre soon learns that Kung Fu is about self defense and peace, instead of violence and bloodshed. The age of the characters! Other Sellers on Amazon. Prime Video Verified Purchase.

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I am recommending not to see subbtitles because its flat out boring. The Karate Kid 6. Book of Secrets Ralph may not be stellar, but at least you cared about his character and the supporting cast. English Choose a language for shopping.

I mean, you’re 12! I really hate it when stories explain directly what is painfully obvious, or try to insert it, in unrealistic and absurd ways. But if you like Jackie beating up a group of kids, then fast forward to almost the 40th minute, watch about 2 minutes of the movie and that’s all you 200 to see. Johnny the spoiled brat had great development, Ali from the hills, Sensei the Vietnam vet who was militant.


A Teacher He Never Expected. It has an even more “fish out of water” feel that lends to the believability and desperation of Smith’s character.

Trivia The style of Kung Fu that the woman standing on the dragon’s head is practicing subtitls the temple, before the dragon well is Crane Style Kung Fu. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying – and the feeling is mutual – but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible.

Chan was decent in here, but he and Jaden did not bond well at all, nor did Jaden and his mother. Jackie Chan with his “Every thing is Kong Foo” statement proves to be true. A standout moment for me was the final bonding scene between Chan and Smith.

I hope JW Jerry Weintraub got paid good for this, because this is beneath thw. Crazy Credits Rhe opening and closing credits for the movie are shown in both English and Chinese.