The Lover Korean Drama. Dong-ha takes off running, calling out for Hang-ah and the queen mother. Hang-ah tells Mom not to think, and just look ahead and run. Emergency Couple Korean Drama. Loved the WOC guys! I have noticed that most of the K-drama are male dominated and for once it is nice to see the female character take charge or be in the same level as the male lead and not always some damsel in distress. The Bridal Mask Korean Drama. Will she go back to him when she sees that he has changed?

I love that the women in this drama gives such stellar performances that they really flesh out the characters they’re playing, making them so real and making me so invested in all of them. He realizes a way to bypass all the tight-lipped people and goes to the records room and flashes his top-level clearance card and asks for a file. I’m starting this episode now! My heart was stuck in my throat! Heavenly Forest Japanese Movie. Her Granddaughter Japanese Movie. The second GF post it: This definitely needs another season

That was a money quote for sure. LOL, I so agree with everything you said. Sweet Stranger and Me Korean Drama. The other theory is that it happens because the prince has eipsode out his purpose to go in to the future. Tell me how, or rather, tell me where I can learn it!! Bong-gu senses something wrong, and calls out. Dream High 2 Korean Drama.


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Plan B Korean Drama. Nodame Cantabile Japanese Drama. I’ve noticed that people who are almost, always perfect and upright, find it very hard to accept their mistakes.

Basically that means Bong-gu has all of China looking to capture her as a fugitive. Cinderella Man Korean Drama. And may it be so that the girls really are blood-relatives even now in present time? And in which drama did this scene take place?

K2H Fanbase feels and acts as one. Bel Ami Korean Drama. Pepper Fish May 17, at But the amount of blood is All My Love Korean Drama.

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Tale of the Fox’s Child Korean Drama. You told me to hold that line, Father. Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Japanese Drama. Love for Beginners Japanese Movie. The Lovely Geologist Thai Drama. Minea May 16, at 9: Every single one is spot-on.

He admitted that he was trash. In Sweden we celebrate Easter, and that holiday is now.


Episode 18

Ikemen Desu Ne Japanese Drama. Ninkyo Helper Japanese Drama. Cynthia May 17, at 8: Sky of Love Japanese Movie.

The K2 Korean Drama. Dad looks wistfully at the picture of the two of them smiling, and then grabs kinh umbrella to head outside.

I was, however, shouting incoherent nonsense at my screen when Hang Ah got shot. Pee Mak Thai Movie. She gets put under and led through her memories, to that day she walked into the villa in Anmyundo. And the WOC team.

It knocks her sideways for a moment, but then she just stands up, even more defiant than before, hezrts the hit just woke a beast. Moorim School Korean Drama.

No stuffing extra guns into pant’s waist-band. Somehow 18 Korean Drama. A Werewolf Boy Korean Movie.