He walks into his empty, darkened room, and finds his funeral suit hanging there, in wait. There were some fantastic moments in this episode, and some glaring missteps, but thankfully the bad is contained to one character. Which would be extremely naive of him. Commuter Tram Japanese Movie. Drama Special Season 6: This is only the second thing I’ve seen the actor in – third I think for the actress.

Snow Flower Japanese Movie. Miss No Good Taiwanese Drama. Cop 2 Korean Drama. I’m agree with you too, the part that they are need each other is the ‘mature’ part, not cutesy romantic like a pair of teenager, but the way of mature acts. I am hoping that it would be so, that’s it just a comforting time for both of them. What Jae Ha did per your list: Have no problems with megalomaniacs related to a few myself: I have seen enough seeds of romance so far to understand what sort of blossom to expect later, but I have to say, it had better be a HUGE sunflower, or a flowering tree, after we were denied a glimpse at their comfort party in HA’s bed.

Coffee Prince Korean Drama. Queen of Mystery Korean Drama.

I don’t remember message board, But yes, thhe involvement is the one which make this issue worse. You cannot imagine how many foul words fell out of my mouth watching the preview for ep 9.

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Thanks for the recap. We Broke Up Korean Drama. She takes some pain medication but collapses in the kitchen, but she manages heartw call her dad. And I have to add one: In my mind, i knew that they both didn’t love each other yet, and yet, they hwarts somewhat forced into a marriage. Oops I inadvertently helped kill the king?


God’s Gift – 14 Days Korean Drama. Cheo Yong 2 Korean Drama. I think it was not sexual at all just at most cuddling.

Tomorrow With You Korean Drama. Kimi wa Petto Japanese Drama. Probably also the reason why this drama was left by it’s viewers, because it irks when you realize it About the ‘supposed attacking Yoochun’ line, I don’t think it’s a big deal compared to Jaeha’s line about using celebrity gossip to make people turn away from political issue. In that case, even the most yucky trash is definitely better than Jae Ha at this point.

Bali Iimchidrama April 14, at 5: She tells him she only has him for thirty eposode minutes, and then he has to go back to work. One more thing, you silly JH, people sometimes give you a second chance, but they rarely trust you to give a third chance.

As some have mentioned, he might have to choose between his country and his woman, or it might get close to that. She refuses to episod unless the media is sent away.

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I agree, there are many lame loopholes that I don’t buy at all Eun Kyu-tae, are you fucking kidding me?! Black Butler Japanese Movie. Sugar and Spice says: But this episode got me crying and laughing at the same time.

This drama is going to be one of the classics, and I can imagine in the future even schools will use for learning.

Buh… who hired this guy? How do you convince your family you are not trash? Anyway, except for the stupid old man and psycho-creepy-ugly-villain-man scenes, I loved the rest of this episode.


A Beautiful Mind Korean Drama. Friend 2 Korean Movie. She thinks Jae Ha resents her now as well. It was just a month plus old, HangAh herself thought its just late period… But it actually helps JaeHa to be able to take shortcuts and go after HangAh without having to deal with Club M and the North-Soutrh relationship, and get her back without at least the South people objecting.

Binbo Danshi Japanese Drama. Mayer offers the King a “gift” in the form of planted evidence near the assassination area.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap

What do we think, ladies? Their sudden nearts was definitely one of the weaker plot points in the drama. JH, meanwhile, once again earns his King Trash title. Jae Kang has faith that their team can still score in the five minutes remaining. When that sleazy prime minister wanted to issue a counter extradition order, Jae Ha flatly refused.

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Mystisith April 13, at 5: The Eternal Zero Japanese Movie. When she sees him, she pulls him aside and then cries on his shoulder. If they are asking about her identity, her political alliances, then she has no answer for that.

He did it because he thought he was too smart for such simple subterfuge. I especially didn’t like the whole villain side of the drama. Top Actors Add New Person.