Sunny, a baby rabbit found and adopted by Kidville a town of only kids–even a kid When Sid takes a job as an egg nanny, he’s unaware an old enemy has plans of his own. Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. Scott Calvin has been a humble Santa Claus for nearly ten years, but it might come to an end if he doesn’t find a Mrs. TV-Y 60 min Family. Conflict arises in the small town of Holly Springs when an old woman’s death causes a variety of reactions among family and friends.

Well, use the comment section below to make some extra recommendations or to scold me for missing one of your favorite books. A year has passed since Oogie Boogie has been defeated, but he’s back and has taken over Halloween Town. Not Rated 13 min Action, Short, Comedy. And, as a last resort, as detailed in another issue of the series, they resort to contacting the Batman himself once the pieces come together of who the mystery shooter is. God speed my friends, and good luck! Last week, Cartoon Sara was kind enough to share her comprehensive and well-researched list of favorite Christmas Specials. A tyrant from the future creates evil android doubles of Bill and Ted and sends them back to eliminate the originals.

Christmaz well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our Because this one has the debut of Squirrel Girl as live in nanny for the Avengers! You are commenting using your Facebook account. PG 95 min Animation, Adventure, Comedy. TV min Action, Comedy, Sport. G min Comedy, Family, Fantasy.

Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

And through all the severed limbs and cascades of blood and bullets, the dark and rather twisted humor is still there. Hank and Mike 15 min Comedy, Short 5. Audible Download Audio Books. A jive-talking Easter Bunny named Jack decides to retire, so his friends throw him a crazy roast before he officially hangs up his basket.

Justin FlemingRyan Hammer Stars: The Thing is the best. So, in a brief online description I was able to find: Email required Address never made public.


So, part of my comic book secret origin ties back to GI Joe. PG 87 min Adventure, Comedy, Drama. The Nightmare Before Christmas: The concept is cute for about 5 minutes and then the rest feels forced. All because of zombies. Do cars even have hubcaps anymore? Sick of the neglect he receives from his mom and dad, a young boy leaves home and travels the world in search of new parents. A one off issue! Notify me of new comments via email.

We see bunny rabbits preparing for Easter, by making chocolate eggs and rabbits, decorating eggs, and weaving and filling baskets. Jason Todd, however, feels like the forgotten Robin.

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chrisfmas While dealing with a possible issues within the department itself, the police force itself now becomes a target. Spoilers, as this iteration of Ragdoll, does meet an untimely demise at the end of the issue, but this is only the beginning of the troubles that name will bring to all the paramilitaey of Opal City. Back when free time was at more of a premium, a run I would read and re-read on a regular basis. PG 93 min Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Not Rated 13 min Action, Short, Comedy.

But before Dick leaves, he gets one last goodbye with Barbara Gordon and a flashback tale as well. God speed my friends, and good luck!

Bill HuttenTony Love Stars: James FildesJessica Fildes. A basic knowledge of the Evil Onlin series is helpful, but I think the idea is mainly to enjoy the over -the-top violence evil Santa is impaled by a zombie reindeer and smirk at all the in-jokes as Ash finds himself traveling through worlds themed as some very well-known Christmas specials.

HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, chrjstmas and assumptions.


Said flashback story is a retcon of their first team up taking on a surprise villain which includes one of my favorite gags in all of comics!

Ross McElwee sets out to make a documentary about the lingering paramilirary of General Sherman’s march of destruction through the South during the Civil War, chtistmas is continually sidetracked by My only other exposure to Ghost Rider has been the Nicholas Cage films.

R 94 min Comedy, Romance. This story, written by Marc Andreyko with art by Joe Bennett tells a tale that bridges Infinite Crisis and the events of A retelling of the Dickens classic…with zombies! TV-G 25 min Animation, Family.

All-in-all, this one is probably a lot more fun for those who are big Evil Dead fans than not. He was the second Robin, after Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing and during a time where the Sspecial known in the public consciousness was the Tim Burton film version, which did not feature a sidekick.

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A nightclub performer hires a naive chorus girl to become his new dance partner to make his former partner jealous and to prove he can make any partner a star.

G 30 min Animation, Short, Comedy. But nothing goes as planned when The Main Man is involved. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! Stories range from heartbreaking to hilarious. It has come up before, but Superman has tons of great stories.

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Not a hoax or imaginary tale. TV-PG 60 min Comedy. This army is soon driven to ground, and vastly outnumbered.