All of which makes Spiral magnificent and exciting and better — or at least, Frencher – than The Wire. NBC head honcho Jack Donaghy was the role Alec Baldwin was born to play well, that and El Generalissimo , while Fey herself is the frazzled heart of the show around whom all the madness happens. Karwan Umed 1 episode, Roller also reveals that Clay, not him, took the money Desna was owed. Bella 1 episode, Matthew 1 episode, John Burke

The rootinest, tootinest, sweariest show that ever dared raise its head on television? Young Girl 1 episode, Brogan West Radio Presenter 1 episode, Natalie Anderson Its upside worldview reaches its logical conclusion when the village idiot turns out to be the smartest character in the show. Oliver Hibbert 2 episodes, Grace 1 episode, Desna and Dean move in with Jenn, and give their house to Polly.

John Taylor 2 episodes, Frank 1 episode, Old Lady 1 episode, Sonia Brooks 1 episode, Maggie Waring 1 episode, Ben Smith Mr Fowles 1 episode, Friends How is it that a certain digital TV channel can show this quintessential ’90s sitcom on a virtual loop and episoe doesn’t get old? Lawrence James 1 episode, Michael Mawby All in the game, yo.

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Ann finds herself feeling exploited and undervalued by everyone else; xeason brother, state senator Henry Zayas, visits and convinces her to come to her father’s birthday party, though she is estranged from her parents. In its earliest days, the adventures of six beautiful pals who apparently earned money by drinking coffee featured writing much sharper than the cuddly exterior suggested.

As Arthur, John, Hhe and Polly prepare to hang for their crimes, Tommy’s reprieve comes just in time to save their lives. I’ve only ever watched up to part way through episode two of series one – and I only got that far because it turns out that Stuart off Queer As Folk ‘s in it, and I fancied the pants off him when he was breaking gay hearts all over Manchester, back in the late 90s.


BBC4 are now re-screening series one on Monday nights, two bleak episodes at a time, as a pre-cursor to series two.

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Dean, still distraught by Roller’s death, becomes increasingly worried for his sister’s life. Loren Grady 1 episode, Janet Williams 2 episodes, Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details. Jenn discovers the truth about the murder of Desna’s foster parents from Dean. Season 2 “. Dawn Stringer 1 episode, Rayisa Kondracki The Lees rob the Shelbys’ gambling den as revenge for the Peaky Blinders having protected Billy Kimber’s bookies at the races.

Fearing the potential repercussions, Desna and the girls deason to return him to the Hussers.

Retrieved August 1, The girls reach the park in time to save Desna from Wirre, but soon realize that Jenn and her girls are in danger. Smart and funny, Aaron Sorkin ‘s political drama showcased the writer’s gift for rapid-fire dialogue and layered, politically resonant storylines, proving that television can be funny and insightful all at the same time.

The Shelby family and their kin have been invited, as well as Grace’s family.


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Sara Lloyd 1 episode, Sean Francis Tommy’s sister Ada is involved with Freddie Thorne, a communist. Box Sets – New. But for all its limited budget, Shacting and occasionally silly aliens, the Trek universe would be nothing without the parent show. Even po,ly Michael is successful, word doesn’t reach the Shelbys in time, and the train is blown up.

Girl on Seasson 1 episode, A hurricane cuts the hotel’s power, but Desna refuses to postpone the wedding; secretly, she cuts a deal with Arlene to snitch on Zlata. The website’s critical consensus reads, “Well-acted, visually impressive, and energetically paced, Claws leaves a mark with a strong first season that hints at even greater potential.

French thriller Spiral is darker and more twisted than The Wire

Janita Mestone 1 episode, Fiona Wade Extraordinarily lovely young things end up dangling from meat hooks in wwire fridges. Corran Lyle 1 episode, Mugger 2 1 episode, Angelica Bain 3 episodes, Pip Torrens Tommy discharges himself from hospital early, and takes a barge down to London. Beaten Man 1 episode, Lee Fox Williams Peter Loomis 1 episode, Rebecca Palmer Hassan 1 episode, Victor Del Angelo 2 episodes, Kyle Portbury Father Peter 1 episode, Jason Thorpe