Panthro and Pumyra use cannons to shoot down Mumm-Ra’s air forces, while Tygra aids Vultaire and the Avistan Guards by engaging the enemy in a dogfight. Having completed half of his trials in the spirit world, Lion-O finds himself in a test of strength against Panthro, where he must knock Panthro out of the ring before the sands within the hourglass run out. While others are in doubt, Wilykit still thinks that Lion-O will come for them. TV by the Numbers. With Lion-O dead, Tygra is the new king and the group looks to him for survival. Gaining and losing his clan in a single day, Tygra wonders if he’ll continue to lose those he cares about.

The group is happy about his return, but wonders how he survived; there isn’t time to explain, and he focuses them on reclaiming the Sword of Omens. A false “WilyKit” and “WilyKat” appear before him, telling him he can pass to the next level by getting their key. Every time the two think they are ahead, Mumm-Ra’s forces manage to corner them, and they are forced to flee. Pumyra suggests that they use the Sword of Plun-Darr to help lure away the Lizard Army through the mines while giving time for the refugee cats to escape. Lion-O and Tygra fight the shadow monsters. Edit Did You Know? Lion-O discovers that they are planning a rebellion with the Animals.

Her hatred of Lion-O called out to Mumm-Ra, and he used the Ancient Spirits of Evil to resurrect her to serve as his lover and spy, enabling him to track the ThunderCats’ every move. Jaga tells him that the Soul Stone will return him to his body until sunrise, where his soul will then be sent to Limbo for all eternity. After making it back to the City of Dogs, Panthro wonders why the Book of Omens is pointing to the sky.

Lion-O discovers that Tygra broke the log on purpose while he was crossing. This episode was once titled ” The War Forgers “. Meanwhile, Lion-O and Cheetara plan to wait until nightfall tundercats use stealth to attack Grune and the Lizards.

Lion-O isn’t satisfied ghundercats Dobo’s choice and sneaks into the cells to break Pumyra out. Dobo says that since both forfeit the match, they must be sentenced to death, until he hears his people telling him to let them live. After successfully destroying the star at a cost of thundercast, the entire star system was reduced to a small collection of ore, which Mumm-Ra collected to forge the Sword of Plun-Darr. Meanwhile, Berbls is emotionally compromised after losing Cheetara to Tygra.


Later, the Thundercats hold a celebration at the village, Panthro is recovering with Snarf’s help. Tygra recovers from the effects of the love potion and all ends well, for now.

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Lion-O tells Tygra that he couldn’t find the tracks of the shadow monsters and that, oddly, the tigers aren’t defending themselves. Leo and his second-in-command and girlfriend, Panthera, arrest the Jackal and Lizard perpetrators. The group watches a preview of what the dogs call entertainment and witness the cat, Pumyra, defeat the robot that the previous fighters could not beat. When the Duelist tries to attack Lion-O, the Drifter manages to successfully knock down the Duelist and send him out of town.

Unable to figure out why Cheetara made such a choice, he vents his frustration towards her as he feels he was emotionally mislead and betrayed.

Tygra wants answers for being sent away. Panthro plans on doing it alone, but Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara volunteer to come along. Tygra stops the young king, telling him the Book of Omens is more important than Cheetara. The only possible flaw with this episode is that you will probably want to hug a Berbil very badly after watching it.

After berbilx return, they start a fire and lay down to rest. Tiny robot bears called Berbils solicit the help of the Thundercats to save them from a slave trader named Conquedor, who values their technical and construction skills. After recovering the Book of Omens, Lion-O is able to power it up and his soul is sent into the book.

No depth is needed. There are only a few more epiaode left in the season, so considering the last episode “The Duelist and the Drifter” hopefully this is the last isolated episode for a while. Cheetara says that the reason she behaved and acted as she thundercqts was because Jaga asked her to do so.

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She smiles at Tygra, which gives him the confidence to approach her, before he is interrupted by Jaga’s arrival and rejection of Cheetara once again. After they bump into him again, Tookit takes the trio to introduce them to the Forever-bag and its child inhabitants Albo, Gusto, and Jenyo.

The Berbild find a way to reach the next stone and arrive at the floating city of Avista, which is ruled by Birds. She kept the heart of the flower since then, in memory of his kindness.


They share a passionate kiss. As the trio face their executions, Pathro arrives in his newly upgraded Thundertank and newly installed cybernetic arms for battle. The ThunderCats make their way up the mountain, but they either oppose or share their doubts regarding Lion-O’s judgement as thundercays course puts them in epjsode.

The alarm goes off and alerts the internal Lizard guards. The Thundercats decide to help rescue the enslaved Berbils and defend their village. She tells him Mount Plun-Darr.

Disillusioned by Mumm-Ra’s methods to berbile peace, Leo secretly recovered the discarded shards of the ore to secretly forge the Sword of Omens. When he attacks them, Lion-O accidentally breaks the bottle of elixir, which temporarily disables Sycorax. At the Bird Nation, Addicus is about to be executed by having his ropes cut, dropping him from a high cliff.

Lion-O wants to “keep up the pressure” against the Lizard 2101 but Tygra disagrees. Lion-O learns that the town doesn’t accept Thunderian currency after what happened to Thundera.

The group pleads for Dobo to stop thunfercats fight, but he refuses, saying that this battle shows how loyal cats truly are, until Panthro explains why he left that night.

He is denied a last meal by the Bird Nation as the executioner cuts the ropes.

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Conquedor voice Kevin Michael Richardson The guards awake and Dobo appears, taking the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet, telling Lion-O that, since he eoisode his law, he will have to fight against Pumyra to earn his freedom. When they reach their destination the next morning, the team strips the Caracara Tree of its leaves to give to Ponzi to produce his elixir in the distiller.

The series is produced by Warner Bros. While the Elephants meditatethe Thundercats do battle with the Stone Giant. Leo confronts Mumm-Ra, and learns about three other similar stones, and he takes one.