An on-line search has suggested some more professional places that I might try for work on my better watches. Vote in our poll Commuters: Latest discussions Is a pothole solution around the corner? Quite right John, I absolutely agree. Most towns in the county have one or more independent jewellers who do carry out battery replacements and repairs but there does not appear to be a comprehensive service guide to these firms. The best office ankle boots Read More. As a watch repairer with many, many years experience, that is the attitude of somebody who will: Purchasing the Westquay gift card is easy, simply visit the secure website to buy now.

Offers Discover the latest offers, discounts and competitions at Westquay. What is wrong with learning to do jobs for yourself? Best skin care tips you need to follow in winter. Ever since I was a child I have found great satisfaction in tackling jobs myself. Would like a ladies Rolex perpetual cleaned. From the BHI website:

They also offer jewellery and watch repairs and house sign creation. Fine jewellery including engagement rings and bespoke jewellery, jewellery repairs.

Complain for change: don’t be embarrassed to say ‘no’

Was this a fair price? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, how long will it take and what fraeham the charge. Latest discussions Is a pothole solution around the corner? I do an awful lot of my own brickwork, plastering, joinery, electrical work, plumbing, computer building, use custom operating systems etc etc. My present watch still has its seal in place after after a couple of visits to a local trader and my own efforts.

Engraving, shoe RepairsKey Cutting, photo engraving, locksmiths.

Timpson Ltd, Fareham | Shoe Repairs – Yell

Sign up for newsletter Sign up for newsletter Want to be kept up to date timpson all the latest from Westquay? There are very few listed for Norfolk and only one for Norwich who I was already aware of because he advertises widely. Unfortunately, when trying to find somebody that knows their job your best bet is trial and error.


Search filters Find Watch Repairs near you Companies with: Here you will find all the information you need when visiting the centre. Well the inevitable happened it filled with water even though it was originally water resistant to meters, as I removed the case back the reason for the entry of water was obvious the original seal was half missing and instead of telling the client the previous people just took the money and said nothing.

To the best of my knowledge the deal includes battery replacements for the lifetime of the watch upon production of the original receipt. As there are a large number of screws used I asked him to bring the watches in and I would either have the correct ones in stock or I would be able to order them in once I was able to see which calibres they were.

If I had an expensive watch I would probably rely on a recommendation from the manufacturer. To check your Westquay gift card balance online, all we need is your card number. Buy Gift Card Purchasing the Westquay gift card is easy, simply visit the secure website to buy now.

Had a call from a gentleman a couple of days ago asking if I had any of the tiny screws that hold down a battery strap for a watch, apparently he had tried to change the battery on a couple of watches and lost the screws when they pinged off.

You are here Home Shop Timpson. I lost confidence in a high street jeweller when they threw away the seal for the back case of my watch and told me it was no longer waterproof.


They should know their limitations and decline work they have less confidence in. The best veggie dishes to try at Westquay Read More. Poor battery fitting can easily cause this problem and the customer is usually completely unaware of it and has no recourse.

All makes and models of watch worked on, from minor repairs to full servicing. Purchasing the Westquay gift card is easy, simply visit the secure website to buy now. The digital part may start working properly once the circuit board has dried properly but that maybe wishful thinking. Would like a ladies Rolex perpetual cleaned. Patrick Steen Conversation Editor.

Mantle clock stopped working. For most people there are not many specialist watch repairers around. How much farham you pay to get your watch battery changed? I can say with some confidence that Timpsons are a better bet for watch repairs on-site than your average multiple jeweller.

You do have to question the intelligence of somebody who believes that Timpsons can supply a lifetime of power in a silver oxide cell and nobody else can though.

More John Lewis Bureau de Change. I found the correct screws in my spares and proceeded to fit them but discovered a disaster, he had damaged the coil when his repqirs slipped and yimpsons I fitted the battery the movement was dead as a Dodo.

Offers Discover the latest offers, discounts and competitions at Westquay. So, all I needed to do was get a new battery installed.