I love this episode! Why does she need to go back to the US? I was thinking they would follow the manga version where Sano kissed Ashiya. His father talks about Tae-Joon doing jumping again and Tae-Joon stands up and tries to leave his dad tells him to stay and asks him if he thinks that his mother death was his fault. Even though he has a baby face, his manly figure impressed all the crew members on the set. Yoo Min Kyu Supporting Cast. But if I confess, too, then she’ll feel like she has to leave.

While drying himself with a towel, Jae-hee notices his ripped pants. He recalls how he overheard that she broke up with Tae-joon and then sees her reach over the railing. Jang and Daniel are out drinking, and they are discussing Jae-Hee. Thanks for the recap. He formally introduces himself, hoping that they can at least be acquaintances. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. She shuts her laptop in surprise which just makes it seem like she was caught red-handed and Tae-joon teasingly asks if she was watching porn.

Tae-joon places a replacement to the moisturizer that broke earlier with a smile. Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. I figured the drama would be over and they wouldn’t have the teenage angst and identity crisis that everyone is going through. I mean, I’m as grateful as the next ahjumma for the character inconsistency, but. Anything worth saying should be delayed indefinitely.

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She admits beauticul she originally came here to see Tae-joon jump again. I was thinking they would follow the manga version where Sano kissed Ashiya. See, that’s my issue with this drama.

She sticks her head out to tell him to repeat his words to hear it in person. They light a candle on the smashed cake, Tae-Joon blows ot out and he chases her around with the cake. I’m guessing that the reason he is keeping mum about her being a girl to himself and to her is because he knows if she is found out, she will go away back to the US or to another school.


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Episode 12 by LollyPip. Anxiety separartion I’m guessing because he lost his mom being far away and never go to see him jump high.

He’s eccentric but not to the point where I’ll cringe. Sign In Sign Up. Sulli helps him to cool off by pouring water on his back. I am not too sure dramxcrazy Tae-Joon was getting all mad at her for looking in the pool for the necklace?

Alone now, she fixes herself up and readies herself to work. Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu crying beautifyl wondering if this was a mistake.

Now who’s pulling my leg? Can the pure love of No matter the differences the base foundation of the storyline is pretty much kept the same, even if there’s more or less of the characters introduced. She is then carrying a bag full of soccer balls and Tae-Joon comes up from behind and takes them from her. I forgot to say that I also had to look up what a deung-mok was to find out if that back-washing scene was for real or not.

His muscular upper body will capture the female audience.

He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave. At the hospital, Seung-ri spots Hanna looking longingly at a photo of Tae-joon.

Coach Baek tags along as well. I am shb all the nonsense aside and enjoying the show: The next morning she gets a call from her brother Daniel but she ignores and wonders where Tae-Joon is. The manga as well as the other two series have always introduced him -considering he’s one of the vital player in the book with regards to Sano’s reconnection with his father.


I really did enjoy this episode.

Her expression reads, Excuse you? After working hard doing volunteer work, Min Ho asks Sulli to pour water on his back to wash off the sweat.

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Dramarazy to me that scene was put in there just to distract us from any flaws that may be going on with the drama. If anything his character deserves a good explanation why he felt he needed to resort to going corporate when he was so against it in the first place.

This show is duper cute right, but it does an wonderful job of getting on my nerves. Revenge Of Love is best korean drama, that had been subtitle to English. This one, not so much. I mean, if 2Min doesn’t happen.

But she and Doc just stare back at him with a look of disbelief. Flashbacks to her finding Tae-Joon hurt on the internet and cutting her hair. Eungul for his comedic role elisode Hyunjae for the mystery of why he’s so desperate to surpass Taejoon.

Still enjoying the drama. Judging by the comments left here and other threads, plenty of my fellow connoiseurs of Fine Drama-ing have never heard of it either.