Well ‘lol’ it is true, just accept it. Taejoon on the other hand managed to steal my heart in these past 4 episodes.. At first they did not get along, Since Tae Joon dont like to share the room with others but later on they became closer, And Tae Joon found out that she was actually a girl,without her knowing. This was the most frustrating episode ever for me. I don’t know if it’s Kwanghee or the character I can’t stand You don’t sound like a fan so please stop.

She’s not mind-blowingly good at it, but you can tell that she’s not craning her neck or forcing her mouth to say her lines. Meanwhile, an enemy rounds the corner and Eun-gyul throws himself in front of Jae-hee, getting shot instead. To the Beautiful You – Episode 2. They sit, waiting for the opportune moment and then get up simultaneously, presents in hand. Till I Met You Episode Mic September 10, at 3: Shaking his head, he firmly declares that Jae-hee is dangerous. I do hope HeadsNo2 meets Seung-ri Sunbae someday, or the other way around

Wilson isanIndieauthorandpublisherwho lives in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. Eun-gyul hesitates before asking her to hit him once before he says it. I think he did one other thing before this, right? To The Beautiful You – Episode 1. The Empress Of China Episode Biggie September 10, at 7: She’s just about everything I’d like my heroine to be.


Not the kind of necessary awful, like a layered evil character that provides balance and angst, but the one dimensional bordering on psychotic kind of awful. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. But she’s yok nice enough that I don’t get annoyed by this Oh that gif xD That scene cracked me up! To the Beautiful You: That is a pretty, pretty boy, there. To The Beautiful You Vostfr.

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Krystal did well on her drama and her variety show and Vic was the one that bring f x many new fans in the 1st year hiatus when Amber disappeared f x is the one of the only rare group ths all members shine all their own.

But I love Luna.

Eun-gyul continues to inch along the ground but gets caught by Seung-ri. If you haven’t already, you can find StephenL.


Da-hae plays it cool, saying that it must be nice for whoever he likes. Also, I thought that cooking scene where Tae-joon let everyone think tthe Jae-hee cooked everything was sort of a PK reference. They blow out the candles and dig in, even chasing each other with frosting. A high school girl who’s inspired by a gold-medal High Jumper. Daniel fetched Jae Hee at the school and. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

The best part about TTBY is the eye candy. And they are a popular group. Who knew paintball could be so mother effing sexy!? But, I still don’t get it why they put that Edprama on this show Aktor-Aktor serial ‘To the Beautiful You’ tampak melakoni syuting. As the ship’s fuel.


It turns out to be Hanna who called him out to celebrate her birthday early. I love that since you guys have been watching Answer Me, you quote it whenever it’s possible Tae-joon opens his and is speechless to find the necklace. Watch Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode Because it was expected of them?

To The Beautiful You engsub

You can’t be serious lol f x has been popular since Nu Abo, Pinochio has established it. Lots of Eun Gyeol love here, and I expect more seeing that he got a new haircut for episode 9. But then he starts imagining everyone from the security guard to Coach Baek as Jae-hee.

In fact 4 of them have their own drama and the 3 Krystal, Sulli and Victoria are all consider the visuals in the group.