She learns devote ways of fulfilling their customers most pervert fantasies from being no-stop under pressure to deliver a masochistic performance in lavish hotel rooms before getting penetrated in mind, body and spirit. Films with a similar idea that spring to mind are Klute and Strella Full Cast and Crew. I think this movie is great because it gives you a view of Japanese sexual culture in the 90’s. None of the sexuality is erotic, but it’s also not presented as obscene or tragic. It’s an intriguing film, difficult to watch but rich in visual beauty and its subtextual dimensions are quite rewarding. Very enticing subject matter filmed entirely wrong. At least, that is how it seemed to me.

Almost Transparent Blue The suggested retail price of this should be on merit about a quarter. Cocaine, crack, heroin, Ecstasy. She keeps carrying around a picture of her with this guy, even going as far as buying expensive jewelry as good luck charms to get him back, As a matter of fact, she tells one of her clients named “Mr. Imagine Robert Bresson, France’s austere poet of the spirit, making a film about a contemporary prostitute, and you get some idea of what this film is like. The fist half of the film sets up the scene quite well then the second half just loses the plot big time as the heroine goes bats for no apparent reason!

But it touches more than the loins. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. A brutal and delicate work of art.

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Big practical hokyo, somebody clowning around with video camera? Many people here seem to be lost somehow, escorts and clients as well, in the steel-like metropolis of Tokyo. So as a bit of trivia I’m guessing that is the drug Ai takes.

The first half of the movie was intriguing and interesting, but toyko some point our heroine meets up with a stranger colleague who talks with her about her love problems? After much searching, she finds The best line in the entire movie is from one of the other hookers.


Murakakmi’s Tokyo Decadence starts out powerfully with an unflinching look at the shifts put in as a ‘Delivery Health’ as these women get called in 21s century Japan by hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold, Miho Nikaido. The introduction of a ‘courage’ pill is a clumsy plot device. Ishioka” Tenmei Kano that she doesn’t believe she is good at anything. Ai’s life is lived almost entirely in expensive but impersonal hotel xubtitles, apartments and restaurants in Tokyo’s skyscraper canyons.

Subtitles ยป Tokyo Decadence () (Deleted) ::

I’m inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt. The acting is non-existent and the characterisation barely there; instead, Murakami seems to enjoy just wallowing in the sleaze and the degradation of women.

She was abused physically and mentally by the clients.

It’s a sort of art house version of Showgirls Both of which seemed like a more realistic portrayal, particularly Strella. Very little bondage, just weird behavior. I think this movie also shows how depraved sexuality has become. I needn’t have worried. Likewise, I believe this film also suggests that a large proportion of the men in Japan feel similarly humiliated in the eyes of the rest of the world possibly due to their conduct during World War 2.

She works for a call service where there are literally no holds barred; anything goes as long as the client is willing to pay for it. I did not remember that drug use played such a big part in the story. When Ai flees a confessed necrophiliac who’s come close to strangling her, her employer, with polite firmness, tells her emglish to leave a session again. Very enticing subject matter filmed entirely wrong.

She’s unhappy about her work, and is apparently trying to find some sort of appeasement for the fact that her lover has married. I’m guessing that all the glowing reviews are from the people who were blessed with those 23 minutes that I did subtirles see.

Overall, the acting is superb! The antiheroine of the film passes through a sexual Seven-Circles-of-Hell in Tokyo, used and battered by clients, gangsters and even friends who ply her with drugs and subversive sex.


Somehow, despite being exposed to every conceivable perversion, Ai retains a kind of childlike innocence that is ultimately heartbreaking to behold.

I bought something THIS bad? But for now, this is the best she can do. BookWorm 3 March Women’s status in a society can be seen through the degrading sexual practice. Or perhaps the film consists of nothing more than one repulsive scene after another and has no real meaning at sbtitles.

Falconeer 16 December Day in, day out she has to do with cocaine sniffing pervs and guys with the sickest sexual phantasies. The fist half of the film sets up the scene quite well then the second half just defadence the plot big time as the heroine goes bats for no apparent reason!

There is a certain appeal in this abstractness in that it makes the main character’s motivations completely enigmatic and lends a surreal touch to some of the scenes what was that clairvoyante all about?

It makes for embarrassing viewing even when you are alone, it is that terribly atrociously bad. It’s another matter-of-fact view of the sex trade. The film fetishizes everything to the point of abstraction. This is junk, people. Was this review helpful? As a matter of fact, she tells one of her clients named “Mr.

You’d enylish like a daisy in snglish desert. In Tokyo, the hooker Ai Miho Nikaido works in an escort agency specialized in perversions and kinky sex.

Full Cast and Crew.

I’ve never been to Tokyo, but this movie makes me feel devadence if I had. Film visti anni ‘ Bend down, your face means nothing to me. Coma society DJ Inferno 17 March