PoppyTransfusion 23 June They work with other African migrants from Morocco, Algeria and West Africa picking fruit and see one of them being taken away as an illegal migrant – the lot of migrants wanting to reach Europe for better lives but who do not meet the punitive visa requirements imposed by said European countries. The central performances, by Duris and Azabal, are as uneven as the journey they take. First of all, the subtitles in the version I saw were inconsistent, meaning that sometimes people would speak and I would see no subtitles. So, anyway, they are ostensibly walking to Algeria, but we see very little of them actually walking – trains seem to be the preferred mode. Seville, it turns out, is something of a staging post – they meet several Algerians working the fruit fields making their way to Paris because, there, you can get fake work papers.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policies , and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Music is, I think, the most important aspect that needs to be mentioned. There is not much plot or drama and for viewers seeking those they might be disappointed. It is an attempt to show the life without any more profound sense, without any spirituality. Who knew that orchards, in the middle of a working day during picking season under the watchful eyes of a critical supervisor, were so private? The two seem not to have much or any money, but then they do, but then they don’t. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

An experience not to be missed.

The direction is good and the story is told at quite a pace, so you won’t get bored. Naima on the contrary, the “real” Algerian? Naima’s family are more mysterious and we learn little about them aside from the references to a scar she bears and the pain they caused her.

A wise old woman, a seer, speaks to Naima to help her come back to herself but Naima continues to resist the powerful pull to come home, to Algiers and to her own body.


He should absolutely enchant us but with better scripts next time. Once in Algiers Zano and Naima find their way to the home of the brother and sister they met and deliver a letter written by the sister to her mother and older brother. I didn’t time it personally, but read somewhere that it goes on for some 10 minutes and that sounds about right.

They deal with their past in emotional ways I won’t spoil it and leave the audience with a sense of accomplishment as the credits dxils. There is not much plot or drama and for viewers seeking those they might be disappointed. If she is, it is music which does it for her.

subtihles All that he has left is a family violin that he cements into a wall before leaving Paris to head for Algiers. Plagued by childhood memories, Zano fondly remembers his family through his love of music. Sure, this film has its share of nudity, but it doesn’t distract from the story. And a soundtrack most people would want by the end of this picture.

I call his film a fantasy because, try as I did to believe these characters and their situation, I couldn’t. They take few belongings with them. I was very impatient to see this movie as I thought it would be suhtitles reflection on identity punctuated by beautiful photos, but I got very disappointed.

This does not add anything to the movie, and it just reinforces the impression that this is a very fast-fetched work. They are like the violin masoned in the wall, as it is showed in a symbolic scene when Zano masons his violin.

I don’t mind a englisy degree of sexuality and a plot less movie as long as the cinematography and the enchanting music would make up for everything.

Subtitles Exiles

The initial sequence may be a homage to the “throwing the jar of beer” sequence of Trainspotting, but it settles the tone of latent violence in the whole movie. Find out more about page archiving. Movie Info Zano and his companion Naima gatlf across France and Spain down to Algeria, where they might ultimately come to know subtigles land their parents once had to flee. An auditive and visual pleasure, a sexy and messed up trip to who they are, and were they wanna be I’ll be washing my fruit more carefully from now on.


Reviewed by Matthew Leyland Updated 02 January Maybe it helps if you’re not too much part of the individualistic, and sometimes very empty and flat western society these Tonu Algerians are getting away form, to find their roots The cinematography is amazing, although its subject matter is often depressingly squalid.

Also, the story also hints that Zano and Naima haven’t known each that long before they decide to go on this road trip-hence some of the conversations the couple have to find out more. Common themes and yet Gatlif likes what he accomplishes. Was this review helpful?

The director gives no incentive for the viewer to “like” these two losers, who have absolutely no depth and who are vulgar. We are all hidden in this world like subtutles violin masoned in the wall.

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dnglish It is an attempt to show the life without any more profound sense, without any spirituality. They spend some time picking fruit around Seville, and having sex among the I think nectarine trees – gorgeous images in this part in particular, with the lush green leaves, the brilliantly red-skinned fruit and two beautiful people playing with each other.

There are very few moments that openly show naked Naima and Zano.