Little Alfa, I think we have to accept the inevitable. Literally no idea which No idea. It’s a car show and everything. Nothing I can do. Well, for about the same sort of money, you can have this, which is the new Jag. Although Clarkson acknowledged that he could easily have won the race with his Quadski arriving at the finish line first, he conceded the victory to the Alfa Romeo with typically British eccentricity and sense of fair play. But what about this?

You on that, presumably? See, this scooter rider will not mind me whizzing past in my Alfa Romeo, because I know he loves Alfa Romeo just as much, if not more, than I do. Right, so I’ve missed those what are those, are they rocks or are they? What’s to stop somebody out there just taking a shot at you? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And then, the whole thing sits on four tyres that were designed and made by Pirelli. It’d be nice to be somewhere around that, that area.

Gibbs Quadski vs. Alfa Romeo 4C in Latest Top Gear Challenge –

Oh, my God, this is narrow! And after you’ve done that, we’re going to put the Stig in both of them and do some time laps around our track. That’s like weaponising a wind farm. All of this tp you really have the confidence to open it up.

Gibbs Quadski vs. Alfa Romeo 4C in Latest Top Gear Challenge

I’ll give you a race. I’m just finishing a run of Coriolanus in the West End, which I’ve enjoyed hugely. All these pages, all these signatures, everything signed off. And then, the whole thing sits on four tyres that were designed and made by Pirelli.


This may have a top speed of 40 but I’m not doing that now, really.

Yes, but we saw you lose on purpose. The speed, quadskki fact, is the main reason I brought this car to Belgium. No lacquer is added to carbon-fibre trim to save 1. And it is quite a big one. We were neck and neck, but then Jeremy got distracted by an Italian ferry.

Every single vehicle and piece of equipment has one of those. It was a Peugeot In an attempt to prove that modern hot hatchbacks are not as good as those from their youths, each of the trio are told to buy a classic hot hatchback they liked very much and prepare them for a series of challenges – Clarkson figures his Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI will be a good hatchback, May expects his Ford Fiesta XR2i not to let them down, and Hammond shows that his Vauxhall Nova SRi will do well.

And so, there was only one place on Earth where I could test it properly. They slow you down a bit. Retrieved from ” https: Because, well, shall we have a look?

I bought it with my first pay check for some TV work that I got while I was at university. And the stats from this remarkable country just keep on coming. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s warning about what you have to wear and it says, hang on, “Normal swimwear does not adequately protect against forceful “water entry into rectum or vagina.


I know what it is, I know what it is. My question is petrol stations is – and we could ask this here – and it’s mostly women, what do you do in the 15 minutes between getting into the car and driving off? Who did one with Tilda Swinton as well just recently? So where do you think you’ve come, bearing that in mind?

Jack Whitehall sees if he was fast when he did his lap in the Astra. There’re not that far away.

Alfa Romeo 4C vs Gibbs Quadski (Series 21, Episode 2)

That’s This car is wide. Clarkson and May cycle the streets of London Series 21, Episode 5.

It’s the new Corvette Z Yeah, there you go. Was that really filmed in London? That, of course, makes it economical. This is a bit like having a running race with your four-year-old son – yes, of course you can win, but you don’t tpp want to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I know what he’s thinking – he’s imagining he’ll be crashing off-road and cutting corners.

Yeah, use the track.

Try doing that with a small hatchback or something. It airs on January 2nd.

Those are there so our cameras are working properly. That would be really distracting. And I’m afraid I must now say goodbye.