Languages Polski Edit links. Andy 27 episodes, Kevin 1 episode, Ray Ashcroft Julie has ‘slightly’ re-written history claiming to everyone that it was a mutual separation. Soon the store became unrecognisable. At the end of Series 2, Sue – and Linda – are shocked and delighted in equal measure to discover that she has fallen pregnant.

A gentleman of the queen’s highway, Gavin sometimes worries he can go ‘like a bat out of hell’ at least 73mph when listening to one of his favourite Lighthouse Family tracks. From to , distribution rights to the series were held by FremantleMedia International. Management Member uncredited 1 episode, Sue 63 episodes, Chanel Cresswell Goofs The Valco logo is etched into the glass entrance doors of the store, however, it is etched so it can be read correctly from inside the store. Customer 3 episodes, Lee Nicholas Harris

Shopper 2 episodes, Ian 38 episodes, Shopper uncredited 2 episodes, Shaun Lucas Charlie Series AKA: Shopper 1 episode, The show is failing because it has a mix of poor acting and poor writing, the formula for disaster.

The third series began airing from 22 August and ended on 7 November Shelf Stacker uncredited 8 episodes, June Smith Donna 7 episodes, David Ryall Rogers 1 episode, Annette Chown After filming on the location had completed and the set was ordered struck, BBC2 motoring entertainment show Top Gear destroyed much of the set by driving through it with three ‘s era hatchbacks.


Trollied was broadcast in Australia on Network Tenfirst airing Thursday nights from 27 September at Vanessa 5 episodes, Retrieved 14 September Customer Stirling Warren Clarke Julie 36 episodes, Shopper uncredited 6 episodes, Shopper uncredited 1 episode, Dan Gaisford Eventually, however, love wins through and the pair are now near inseparable.

Ian 38 episodes, Jane Horrocks Phil Smith Olivia Poulet Beat the Crusher Blockbusters CI5: Sky 8 episodes, Cat Spooner Far from stretched by his checkout role, Harry kills time honing his sarcasm skills, whilst also nursing a crush on Linda.

She went to Ireland for a mini break and ended up having a mini breakdown. A long-term hopelessly single woman, she eventually found love – if not exasperation – with Neville. Customer 1 episode, Gwen Taylor Stephen Tomkinson was brilliant in it. Worried Husband 1 trolliev, Daniel Series Played by: The misadventures of club owner Brian Potter who is determined to make The Phoenix Club the best working men’s club in Greater Manchester.

Andy has his fair share of ladies mainly barmaids in the pubs where he drinks or plays pub quizzes but is genuinely happy to be single – much less complicated.


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I did fall asleep during one of the episodes preferring to watch the back of my eyelids than the screen! Pretty, funny, and intelligent.

They are as unattentive and unhelpful as is humanly possible – although the often bizarre demands of customers don’t make it easy to act otherwise. Before the digital supervision, a friend once told me stories about working in a supermarket and stuffing his face in the back alleys together with the other shelf boys.

I mourn the old episodes… Andy and Kieron were excellent and the fights with the bakers made the episodes.

Customer 2 episodes, Tony Mooney Cheryl 24 episodes, Samuel Anderson Stu 4 episodes, It’s clear that he was trying to push Gavin out, but Gavin is still at the store and France is now gone.

Meat is in his veins. Big Len 1 episode, Retrieved 28 June