Looking forward to your next series. Banwo and his wife Awazi for the reasons you know, otherwise, you will be coming back to EFCC and your visit will definitely not be as pleasant as this one. She don see new bobo for London, and she was just looking for an opportunity to dump you for him. So much happened in dis final episode. Rasheed noticed she said clients, rather than client this time. Hmmmm……am so speechless, Wondaful piece.

Tunde, God bless you. Nice piece as usual. No parent prays for such and only someone who has gone through such a loss truly understands the pain. You should ask that saintly mother of yours if she was alive if you were truly one! Rasheed observed the unsaid questions in the room. Thankfully, the road in is free so we should have little or no wahala getting in. I knew somehow that something was going to come up and spoil the whole plan. She picked up her handbag and then another bigger bag.

As for the story in itself,I can only say that Awazi is not only a woman but a wife in the truest sense,as for Derin,the guy is ruled by passion,haba! To me, it was an eye opener. The things you wrote that Idris did to you and Inya? D idiot decided to show face.

Broken Mirrors, A Story By Tunde Leye (Episode 16) – The Trent | Internet Newspaper

This is indeed an eye opener. Ope had hoped Awazi would take the bait and she even paused momentarily to give her an opportunity to speak.

This blog is set up to fill all the horrors that come with the use of Satellite Decoders and accounts. No one can do it better! Nice work here Seyi and Tunde!!


You this foolish boy, iwo omokomo yi, what the hell are you doing here? Why would you want an illustrious career to end that way? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Hec an have his friend attend the process than he or his wife. How did she ever love this imp? One touch, and fire ran through my body, enhanced by a second feeling I refused to admit I felt. She would drive herself mad with thoughts of what Derin was doing, mirro would see Isaac in every turn. Thank you for taking our case on such generous terms. They followed her instructions without question until the specialist that she called came.

Broken Mirrors……….Episode 10

She would have all the fun possible and do either of two things — marry a very rich oil block owning dude when she was almost forty or just have a baby and focus on her child. TL, biko no finish ds story without broda Rasheed having a taste of his own pudding o.

She asked one of the nurses if the lawyer was there and the breathless young lady pointed towards where she saw his grey head. You have taken his job already, but please, let it not be more than his job. She stood briefly before the almost full length mirror and surveyed her reflection. His profile had listed that he had worked in a hospital in the U.

She decided to write the statement of claim simultaneously, as she was sure she would not get the response from them anyway. Then came gowns and then her nighties. There was no answer, so she knocked again, this time somewhat harder. A very tragic story. Ope looked to Derin and he looked to Awazi. It took the cab a mere twenty minutes to get to Omole Phase 2 since the Lagos roads were free of traffic on this Sunday morning.


But here where I run a lean and mean one, I cannot have a staff distracted by a court case and bringing attention to our business. Our cards are on the table now. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thank god its over. You must make the decision, your home or your rights. So we win, you and I. The doctor specifically requested that you should be at the reading of his will, in the event that he passed on while this case was on.

It was a U. Welldone for this wonderful piece,it really is an eye opener and wake up call to every family.

Sad though but I expected Derin to have thought of the worse before insisting on going forward with the case. In view of this irreversible loss, we want the ,eye May God help us nd flush out d spirit of pedophile in Nigeria. Would be sending claims on Wednesday as promised.