Talk to the guard and ask for the bathroom again. A small mirror that could be of some use later in the game Used: Look at the key hanging on the rack again and investigate the register in front of the concierge to learn that Khan is staying in room 22 while the key is for room As I was watching the credit, I looked at the names of the testers. Lopez will throw the hose down in a fit of anger and go inside to find out what’s going on. Go talk to Nejo again. He also helps out Doyle once in a while by telling him things he should know.

Go over to the Virgin Mary statue and remove the cover that’s over it’s base. When you leave the room, Bunny will return your blood pressure gauge. When you ask her about the green cloth, she’ll show George a picture of a man wearing the similarly designed pants and you’ll see that he has a scar on the right side of his face in the shape of a crescent moon or a horseshoe, if you prefer. You have to arrange the pieces in a certain way to continue in the game. Khan will respect you. Okay, you’re ready to leave, right? Ask him about Khan’s picture and he’ll tell George that he is staying at Hotel Ubu, which will be your next destination.

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But how do you get in if that wasn’t the door? George will note his feeling of insecurity without a gun but Nico will try to comfort him by telling him what was inside Khan’s purse. He works at the Crune Museum and thats where you’ll be going next.

The Countess in Spain Description: The Bakate Radio Television Author. And talk about Nico’s past boyfriends. After George calms him, ask him about the clown.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars – Walkthrough

Use the stone cylinder in the lock and you’ll have to figure out the combination to unlock it. His name is Lopez, and he doesn’t answer any of your questions.


Look at the key hanging on the rack again and investigate the register in front of the concierge to learn that Khan is staying in room 22 while the key is for room Next thing you know, you’ll be back in Paris telling Flul what just happened.

Pick up the remaining piece of the statue on the ground. Go ahead and ask for a pint o ale, it wont do anything to you. After the goat rams George he’ll get tangled up in the plow.

You can look around at the busts and the books on the shelf, but there really isn’t anything else to be found once you’ve picked up the ticket and the hair clip so let’s leave the room and go out into the hallway.

Seems the fan belt isn’t working. He will come for us now.

You have to deliver the gem to “grand master,” according to Marquet. I hope that was all of the possible combinations. So, use your trusty manhole cover remover you got in Paris to carve out the space between two mortars. She’ll shoot novie most of the other items you let her see, though. Chain used to flush the toilet Used: George will automatically hide in parr wardrobe. Taking the antique elephant will cause Nico’s heart to skip a beat as ;art realizes that it’s one that was carved by her father, Thierry Collard and she’s convinced that he and Pierre truly were best friends.

The one on the left is named O’Brien and will give you some useful information about Professor Peagram. Look at the demon statue to the east a few times. Go downstairs where you’ll find a guard doing what he does best, guarding a door.

He will then hear a noise coming from the room that Marquet was staying in. Decode the note paft read the message “Plantard. After giving the brush to Ultar, he’ll just walk off with no “thanks” or anything. The painter will remark that the woman was “all over him” and suddenly it was “nothing but abuse.


Sean Fitzgerald’s uncle, he’s very apathetic towards his nephew. Choose the same option, such as the ful, man, until it is not an option anymore.

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Brasher will think you’re trying to commit suicide but after you tell him you’re trying to get on top of the train he’ll help you. If you press her on the matter, though, she’ll say that it’s a long story and she doesn’t have time to tell you. A paart gem that Professor Peagram found on his expedition, this is one of the most important and crucial items in the entire game. And Thomas Moerlin was one of the gull Khan was using!

Over the years, people have emailed me because they were having technical issues with a game with which they were using my guides.

Then, head to the right of the marketplace and enter the next area. He’ll be more than happy to give you a ride in his ‘taxi’ now. You have all the information you need, so head to the new dot on the map. The gardener will walk into the house to fix the hose, so follow him inside. Now he is putty in our hands. Because he isn’t here, you will have to either restart your game or load a save where you hadn’t gone to Spain yet. Talk to him and then use the window. Give him back his keys and walk back up the stairs to the painter.

This is called a sarcophagus. Break the poor farmer’s only rule by climbing on top of the hay stack. Ask him about Nico and then open up the window to climb up onto the top of the train.