Views Read Edit View history. I’m sorry but that baby Jesus, nope nope nope. I’m going to need a few hours to recover from THAT! We already knew that Marley and Jake would break up. The episode is the show’s fourth Christmas special , but due to season five being set in the same calendar year as season four , it is a non-canonical episode which purports to be the original season four Christmas special, suppressed by Fox. If this was supposedly aired last season Retrieved December 22, She stays a few days in their apartment, and the three get temp jobs working as elves at the mall for an alcoholic Santa.

Retrieved from ” https: There’s been talk of shifting the show to New York full-time , but that’s still, as far as we know, just talk. Clause, it was awkward in a funny sort of way. I’m pretty sure that was the funniest scene ever on the show, at least IMO. It had that amazing scene between Finn and Rachel with the star, which is really sad now, and Kurt and Blaine had the cutest duet. But I’m glad the Klaine engagement was officially cut off and I hope the Brittana engagement will never form at all. Glee is just taking a step back, they have lost their balance and they are just trying to find their footing again.

It was relaxing to see Kurt take a brake from all the Klaine stuff. Retrieved December 1, Use the HTML below. Ryder Lynn Jane Lynch Glee has been very open about the rebuilding that’s had to take place in the wake of Cory Monteith’s death. I felt this episode to be completely useless by the way. Well, I’m going to go cort on a limb here and say that writers didn’t screw up by leaving Finn out of the episode, what with the actor not being available http: The rest of the episode was just awkward without the funny.


What did you think of “Previously Unaired Christmas”? Fun guilty pleasure, shameless ploy to sell songs, or both?

Glee “Previously Unaired Christmas” Review: A Timey Wimey Christmas –

They clearly did not know what to do with this Christmas season and threw something together that was offensive I know that some of it was intentional, but still S even corh into season five, Glee is still telling a story set last spring, which makes it difficult to do a Christmas episode. The virgin Mary singing “Love Child”?

Clause, it was awkward in a funny sort of way. I might predict that these sophomores will be forced to graduate at the same time as time as seniors.

Kitty scoffs at the decision, and when Marley questions her, Kitty admits she feels she’s not worthy of playing Virgin Mary. While they claim it was “unaired” due to scenes that had to be cut out unaifed year That was just their excuse to squeeze in a Christmas episode.

‘Glee’ recap, ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’

Wow, I feel like I’m the only one who think that the episode was one big mess. This does adequately explain how there was still a Christmas special last year and another this year set at roughly the same time. She did however comment positively on Santana’s role, saying “it was worth sitting through the weirdness just to episodee Santana as an incredibly inappropriate Mrs.

What a truly awful episode. It wasn’t completely horrible. I didn’t find the Kitty-Marley-Unique stuff funny at all, because I didn’t see the point of the storyline It’s currently spring in Lima; they are all about to graduate. Unfortunately, it’s only consistency was that it’s in keeping with the downward spiral of the overall show. Including DVR viewing — which saw an additional 2.


Jake Puckerman Melissa Benoist Kurt Hummel Darren Criss Their unmentioned absences make the premise impossible to accept. Share this Rating Title: I unaireed like this was a terrible midseason finale.

Previously Unaired Christmas

Sochi Winter Olympics By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The most obvious tell is that Heather Morris and Cory Monteith do not appear as Epieode and Finn, respectively, the former actress no longer being on the show, and the latter having passed away. Also, I imagine that forcing the cast and crew to display what are probably very real, personal feelings during this time to display unairef on camera for our entertainment would’ve been a particularly awful kind of cruel.

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Then it went down hill from there. The episode was watched by 3.

The tongue-in-cheek reference when Rachel tells Santana she should drop out of college and come live with them is monteth fun little poke. I don’t know if the writers were on anything, but if they were they should take more of it, as it was the funniest episode of the season. So to do a Christmas episode they have to find a way to jump back from March to December, having the episode “locked away for a year” is just a way to get around the calender problems.