If you’re discussing anything else make sure to add spoiler tags. That was really fun, way better than i expected it to be, didnt watch previous series, it kinda remind me of Natsume Yuuijinchou, Mana is fun and likeable character, and so is Kitarou, but boy, he got rusty. Medama is a funny little guy. All 3 of his hopes were to win the Shogakukan manga award. OMG, the opening song, I used to sing it with my brother when I was a kid Gegege no Kitarou Episode 1 Discussion. The blackboards says “Is that robot dance from a Sunrise show? Kind of hated it.

New to this franchise but it seems interesting to say the least. Champions of the sun On somewhat the other side of praise, the background cast of this episode was perhaps explained a little too much for my liking. BBCode Believe in Yourself. This is a reference to “Overman King Gainer”, where in the opening, had every character, including the robots, do the monkey dance. BBCode Modified by kyuudere, Apr 2, 5: First time heading into this franchise and mostly because a lot of the reboots have not been subbed

This is a play on words of “Rozen Maiden”, an anime for even more connections, Miyuki Sawashiro, who voices Maria, voices Shinku, one of the main characters go Rozen Maiden.

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I like the modern remakes they are doing nowadays! This episode was worse. Season 2 Cour 2 episode 1: It isn’t just Logan Paul.

Which is really mean. This sort of episode is very refreshing. By which I mean, it was so very good at being painful. Honestly, how did it take this long to understand that the greatest opponent of evil was the source of so much goodwill? If you’ve spotted more references, let me know and I’ll add them to the list!


This is the first entry in this series that I’ve watched, and I think it had a very strong first episode. Yukina is really having a problem on her relationship with her parents especially with her mom now.

Overall I mildly enjoyed this first episode.

Gegege no Kitarou Episode 1 Discussion. Misc 12sai Aikatsu Stars! If this is the average quality of the episodes, I’d be more than happy to watch this show.

Could be something I’m keeping up with weekly. BBCode Some lazy guy on scene! Strong first episode, Liked it more than I thought I would. Are people giving it low scores just because replaced DBS?

And so begins the rewatch of one of my favorite series filled with some of my favorite OPs and EDs ep1 gif dump: Really good episode, with good production and definitely love the new seiyuu for Kitaro Miyuki Sawashiro.

I pretty much enjoy the first episode but it still not enough eoisode me,hoping the next episodes will be better: I can totally see both of their sides, though I think the mother really fucked up there with that slap. I liked the exchanges in how they weren’t dripping in melodrama but rather felt “casual. Within each tier the order is alphabetical.

Man is that thing handy. We are mostly viewing things from Kitaro’s perspective, so when he’s apathetic towards something, the show presents that same apathy, and when he cares about something, it gives a more caring focus. Always looking up online, the most I hear about are the yuki ones or kitsune.


Another season, another slew of premieres! For everything else in anime that’s not currently airing go discuss that in Your Week in Anime. Anime humor usually fails for me. If one is to rewatch one of their favorites, one should do it properly! Stakes raised, action, emotions. I’m a pretty big fan of decent character drama in shows I end up watching and Ushjo really thought they nailed it.

A short to medium write-up on each, with links to full first-impressions for most. The blackboards says “Is that robot dance from a Sunrise show?

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This is the same case as Tiger Mask W and Osomatsu-san. Champions of the sun On somewhat the other side of praise, the background cast of this episode was perhaps explained a little too much for my liking. It tells a small and coherent dramatic story, while hinting at much more to come.

Though this might not sound that important, the details reveal otherwise. Maintaining this constant sense of mischievousness throughout all of the chaos and inconstancies of the world.