I had to go google it to figure out what you all were talking about. The answer seems to be in the screws on the side near the handle end. When the Grafmatic holder is used in a Graflok Back, slide it under the focusing panel and be sure to lock it in place with the slide locks. Michael Costolo 10 years ago. If the holder is laid on a flat bench, no difficulty will be encountered. That will almost certainly lead to jams. The Grafmatics were designed by Graflex corp, makers of the famous “Speed Graphic”, and were an evolution of the older Cut Film Magazine or “Bag Mag” which held 12 or 18 sheets of film but were much clumsier to operate.

In both versions when the counter moves past 6 you get to X, indicating that you have used all of the sheets of film. Better to detach the back and clip them in. The slightly wider “Graflex” type is on the left and the “Graphic” type on the right. The “Graflex” version is a lot rarer, but as they aren’t really interchangeable it is best to try and identify before you buy. The number wheel, that imprints the number of the picture on the film, is a godsend and has really helped me when I go back and check my notes for each picture. Scans were done dpi on a Microtek from factory origionals. I have found they are easier and quicker to use and load than the double sheet holders. It allows much faster cycling of the sheets than traditional double dark film holder and it also holds the film flatter.

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This allows the next septum to spring into exposing position, while the reinserted darkslide goes just behind it, covering the remaining stack. They are also slim enough to also slip under some spring backs, although not all. I have come across different opinions on using Grafmatic as film holder and the prices on ebay seems to be going up all the time.


Sometimes they are only identified by the type, “Graflex” at left, “Graphic” at right. When thinking of Grafmatics, you really need to take into consideration the age of the things and how gdafmatic use they’ve seen. Each time I have tried, I have been amazed and awed at how the the old-time press photographers were able to fire off succesive quick shots using that contraption under stressful circumstances.

Man of many Speed Graphics.

In the locking version it also locks the tray into the body of the Grafmatic so that the whole thing is locked up tight. It loads and is used facing forward only: They can be finiky and there is a definate sequence you have to follow to shoot with them.

Just beware, the metal “shell” of both sorts are interchangeable and it is possible that parts may have been interchanged from one type to another hrafmatic as a repair or an upgrade. After exposure the first film sheet must be moved out of the way. If the seller doesn’t answer questions to your satisfaction, pass on it and move on. The Grafmatic is a type of film grafmatuc that has six sheets of cut film stored in a single compact device.

I had to go google it to figure out what you all were talking about. Another lesser known holder is the Kinematic. At the “X” or arrow setting flip the dial to No. The automatic negative numbering wheel numbers each film to correspond with the number appearing on the exposure dial at gilm rear of the holder.

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Check thoroughly if the fi,m locks are all the way inside the side grooves of the Grafmatic. Decide which one you are preferable going to use and make sure the other shutter is in open position. The only other meaningful difference to be found amongst Grafmatics is between the newer locking and older non-locking versions. So the newer version are to be preferred.



Flatness should be rather better then worse. You may find it necessary to remove the Grafmatic from the camera without holeer the film which has been shifted to the exposure position.

Cheers, Roger you might care to take a look at the free ‘large formats’ module in the Photo School at www. Scans were done dpi on a Microtek gragmatic factory origionals. You gafmatic log in or sign up to reply here. You know when you flip the dark slide to show the silver part so you know that it’s exposed. They are an incredible PIA to load and unload in the dark, until you dial in.

Grafmatic film holders

I am just trying to get information on how good these are and various people’s experiences with grafmatic before I buy one from ebay. The second difference is the type of light trap.

I have found they are easier and quicker to use and load than the double sheet holders. Next you pull the inner box out of the main box while holding the lever; when you reinsert ffilm, the exposed sheet is moved back into the main holder, now at the bottom of the stack, and the whole process is ready to repeat again. Praslowicz 10 years ago.

I am looking at buying a Shen Hao 4×5 with XL symmar.