M can be placed before B, and perhaps Ch and V. Dengue femer, kidinga popo. Mbwa wa koko, the houseless dogs outside Zanzibar. The verses and translation are both printed m the ” Swahili Tales. EggsheU, ganda la yayL Empty eggshell, kaka.. Words in which the U- is followed by d, g, j, or z, take N- in place of U-.

Sis business, amri yake. Captain, nakhotha, naoza, kapitani. Platters used as mortar hoards, chano, pi. The reason is that Swahili has five vowels, Arabic only three, and of Swahili consonants the Arabic supplies no means of writing ch, g, jp, or t? Poclcet handkerchief, leso ya ku- futia kamasi. Deal wood , sunobari. Zanzibar International Film Festival. Leaf of a hook , ukurasa, pi.

Civet cat, fungo, ngawa a larga animal than the fongo.

Though very imperfect, I am glad to think that it has been found of use. Cream, siagL Creed, imani. Greatness, ukubwa, uknn, utnknfa. Stepfather, baba wa kambo.

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When tro- is placed before a word beginning with e- or t- the -a flows into the other vowel and produces a long e sound. Duryan, finessi la kizungu. Sometimes more like dy bongk di in cordial, French di, German dj, Italian gi. Husk and bran of rice, kumvi. Upon the forms of the Substantives depend the forms of all Adjectives, Pronouns, and Verbs governing or governed by them.


Zanzibar International Film Festival. I hesitated, though he assured me all would be well.

Kichala cha mzabibu, a bunch of grapes. J owed like that of a bucketutambo, pi. Kunazi, something like a sloe.

Misemo ya bongo

Zambarau, like a large damson. Knowingness, njuvi, njnzi, werevu. MH, a tree ; kiJUi, a shrub. Ancle see Ankletskiwlko eha mgnn, ito la guu A. Women wear trousers, soruali, a kanzu of coloured materials and a kofia cap adorned with gold and spangles, or more commonly a silk handkerchief, dusamali, folded and fastened on the head so as to hide the hair.

The natives themselves jestingly derive it from Sawa hila, which a Zanzibar interpreter would explain bs ” All same cheat. Mbega, pL wabega, a hlack mmkey with long white hair on the shoulders. Edging woven into a piece of doth, tuaza. Deal movuesunobari. Cocoa-nut tree, mnazi, pi.

Mat coarse mattingjamvi, pL majamvi. Carriage, gari, pi, magari A gun carriage, gurudumo la mzinga. Disturhance riotfitina. Natl fingernkueba, pi kucha.

Banh, bakuli, pi, mabakuli. Incense, buhuri, ubani, uynmba, uudL See Censer, Income, pato.


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Board, ubau, pi, mbau. The rales and hints prefixed to the second part are intended to enable any- one who sees or hears a Swahili word to ascertain the material part of it, so as to be able to use the dictionary which follows. The Infinitives of Verbs used as Substantives. Meanness, unyongew Means, njia. Hole pierced in the lower lobe of the ear, ndewe.

Small metal box, kijaluba, pi. There are novie of religious and secular verses, and possibly other works, composed in the old or poetical dialect, which is not now, and I believe never was, thoroughly understood by the mass of the people. Dagaa, very smaU, small fry.

Fear, khofu, uoga, kitisho, pi. I would go to location, bonto for supporting actor roles and be paid little money. Under the arm, kwapani Armpit, kwapa, pi.