Abrams, [ 1 ] ; ; Philippe Garner, Eileen Gray. By referring to From: The first plate of the second horizontal row is copper, which is the metal of the second plate of the first row; the third sequence begins with iron, the third plate of the first row, and so on. The words are the paths to the understanding of the location of the point. Februar und 4. Should these two paths coincide, that is to say that the creator has reached the stage of evolution where conscious, spiritual, direct activity is possible , then one has attained the ideal art. Het Aica-archief 1 2 februari ; Dit doet haar dan ook levende werkelijkheid voor ons menschen blijven.

Zoals bijvoorbeeld reeds geconstateerd in: Oud, 2 september o: Susan Bradshaw and Richard R. As discussed in the introduction of this dissertation, this kind of analogical thinking was widespread at the time, particularly in literature on cybernetics, systems theory, and writings with a structuralist bent. Translated by Walter Schaap and Leonard G. And we are just absolutely conditioned by the sizes of our bodies and our own pretensions to measure things off, especially material things in the world, by our own size. Before I ever took chemistry in high school, I was just tremendously interested.

Stephen Rudy The Hague and Paris: When Yuri Gagarin was able to look at our planet from space he was the first man to experience a physically perceived, holistic view of one planet.

Drama Queen (English translation)

This lessening of control is increased when this largely auto-determined work invites the performer to participate in the composition process.

Met een nawoord van Dick Bruin Zeist: Daarmee was ik druk en maakte niet veel bloemen ik maakte en verkocht er evenwel toch eenige en heb nog navraag maar moet uitstellen.

Under it, another row of lines drawn for one hour. Akademie Verlag, ; Theosofie en kunst in Nederland van Lauweriks tot Mondriaa n Amsterdam: Introduction by Arnold Gingrich.

Vadel – Drama Queen lyrics + English translation

C29 Study for Portrait of Friedel M. Visual art is less obviously a system of probabilities, partly because the manner in which people create and perceive it is not clearly sequential. B Unfinished Composition, ? Museum der Ttraduction Weitra: Nobody paints flowers like that.


The Collected Writings of Piet Mondrian; Carl Einstein, Paul Westheim eds. Standaard Boekhandel, The third qkeen the economic vector which is a kind of intermediary or compromise between the subjective and objective. We are the first of the planetary people. More than a century earlier, Marx had already warned his readers of the dangers posed when people no longer recognize dominant ideologies as unnatural, arguing that unequal social relations—conveniently depicted by capitalists, along with other bourgeois values and institutions nationalism, religion, market, familyas eternal and natural—were in fact historical and therefore ideological and temporary.

Sol LeWitt, Ten thousand lines, one inch long, evenly distributed on six walls each of differing area ; illustrated in Legg: Readers and musicians are fortunately not machines, but are possessed of imagination which allows them to turn phrases and notations into works of art.

From conversations between Lippard and LeWitt, You may say it was her influence on me. A K Peters, Ltd.

David Bourdon Austin, TX: The instructions are minimal: Hartlaub, 7 november ; traductipn in: I propose that this relinquishing of personal choice may be seen as an implicit rejection of all forms of authorial control, as well as a distrust of personal taste, which these artists recognized as products of habit, societal codes, and cultural conventions. Een herhaling van hetzelfde verzoek maanden later in: The agent Acconci interacted with the spatial, social, and political systems of his environment; sometimes he concentrated solely on the system constituted by himself.

Van dramma Hoeven Leonhard was een drijvende kracht achter het Genootschap Nederland-Frankrijk en een hartstochtelijk ijveraar voor de wereldvrede.

Dominique Colen, Jacqueline de Raad eds.

Because there is no more frame of reference for the audience, no tradition to which the music refers, the listeners cannot detect the patterns that underlie the new compositions, in the same way that, when we hear an unfamiliar language, we cannot identify the syntactic and semantic rules.


Andre wrote in Oud, 18 september o: Padoles LeWitt, the recipe for such a new art consisted of the intuitive and irrational invention of a concept or system and the unthinking execution of that system. B Composition A, ; v: Oud, 28 maart o: Miljoenen, macht en meesterwerken Apeldoorn: Staat- en letterkundig nieuwsblad11 november Bij deze uitgever queeen hij datzelfde jaar de eerste van een aantal verhalenbundels: I saw him once.

Ein internationales Jahrbuch vol. Rudolph Steiner, voor de Nederl. Donald Judd and Frank Stella in particular have contributed to this account of the serial nature quen certain artworks associated with minimalism.

In een e-mail aan ondergetekende van 9 mei laat dr. B Composition with Grid 8: My competence in mathematics is a traductio that tends perpetually to approach zero, but never quite arrives. Christoph Brockhaus, Manfred Fath eds. His systems merely allow him to create works of art that are minimally-reflective of his personal preferences and cultural habits, yet which traaduction him to be creative within a set of limiting rules, to which he has committed himself in all freedom.

Over de expositie verg.

Over Ida Bienert verg. Beneath the surface there was always a major concern which would compromise with nothing. Akademie Verlag, Oud, 31 maart o: For several later works LeWitt repeated all the original 96 4 x 24 variations with superimposed lines, which added up to a total of variations, some of which are shown in figures 2.