This a a gorgeous and rare Valley Arts Custom Pro in a black finish with a gorgeous quilted top. These are hand-made instruments made by people in America. If it were a guitar pedal, avoid sticking Velcro on it and mounting to your pedal board until it passed your test to be knighted and sit at your round table of pedals. Body Color see all. Yeah, I wrote that one with Stan Lynch. I like to use the best of the old analog and vintage stuff along with the new technology. Do you think Top 40 radio is going to jump on my new record? How did the Music Man Luke model come about?

Later, I got into Strat techniques and tones because Jeff Beck is one of my favorite guitar players, not to mention Jimi. We traded solos all night long. Doing business with your colleagues has never been easier. The unique timbres match and you create a whole new sound. Was there a no-frills approach to composing and recording? The first new Valley Arts guitars were shown at the NAMM show in January in Anaheim, and Nashville session guitarist Brent Mason has recently joined the long list of great guitarists who have ordered their own custom Valley Arts instruments. I had a quick disconnect in Larry Carlton’s guitar so we could put these things in and out and try them. But a lot of my old stuff got stolen — old microphones, old guitars, old MXR effects and the like.


Steve Lukather

Randy and I got together, and it started to flow. This is the real deal.

Welcome to RJV Guitars. How did the Music Man Luke model come about? That was like the Saturday tradition – pizza at Valley Arts.

I also had a sunburst Les Paul Deluxe with mini-humbuckers, which was the first good guitar I ever had.

For dealers and builders: We traded solos all night long. It is an unusual combination TL type which used rosewood type material as a back for mahogany body. I sold them for a fortune about five years ago.

Steve Lukather Model

The new Valley Arts facility, which opened in November in Nashville with the dropping of a grand piano from a helicopter, includes a full-line guitar store, a guitar repair service and a manufacturing facility, just like the original business. Body Color see all. I would go over there every morning and he would teach stevve stuff. Item Location see all. I never rehearse for a record; you rehearse the spontaneity right out of the music!

Valley Arts / Custom Pro / 1988 / Guitar

The neck is straight and the action is nice and low. Other Products from Dealer. Then you add a little tube compression, like from a Neve.

Show only see all. Well, that and the first Valley Arts guitar.

The piano drop also symbolized the end of the old piano era as it commemorated the opening of Gibson’s new Baldwin Piano Showcase, located a stone’s throw away from Valley Signxture. See the video below where Carlos talks about this guitar. I kept two because they have a lot of history.


Steve Lukather | Vintage Guitar® magazine

Ebay is the perfect tool for this, because you can find the finest guitars all over the world. The Esquire just fell into my lap; I paid bucks for it. Gibson brought a bunch of guitars down, and I started playing the L It really started a while ago. I had a quick disconnect in Larry Carlton’s guitar so we could put steeve things in and out and try them.

I used the Gibson amp on that track. Then, Randy Goodrum, my old songwriting partner, told me that a new label wanted me to be their first artist.

I kick myself now, but then I came out a billion percent up laughsand I still have some prized pieces. Is that what people think I sound like? They were arst using them at the time, Ritenour and all those guys I was sitting next to.

Yeah, they get a lot out of one guitar. They have Floyd Rose systems on them — I was still knee deep in all that.