Of the dozen affiliates, only two had been involved in Vemma for more than a couple of months. Life is about choices, happiness and fulfillment. Vemma is in the business of selling nutritional products. I am puzzled by the loss of — how did she lose that?! Even though he was doing well in real estate, he was intrigued with the Vemma opportunity because the products resonated with him. That completely bewilders me. The website is now just a webpage.

Posted on Thursday, September 17, It is true that the FTC did not produce any evidence of consumer harm or inventory loading. I pay my credit card balances in full each month, and our insurance twice a year to save on those pesky processing fees, of course. Brad Alkazin, a year-old brand ambassador, flew in from Louisiana to motivate the team. Issue 2 the big one: Or the Alkazins fault?!? Not rewards on rewards on rewards. Call that weak minded, but I call it the naivety of a 19 year-old girl.

Vemma Preliminary Injunction Hearing: Cautiously Optimistic

Teasing her, he formed a pyramid with his aex to demonstrate his growing downlines, implying that the size of his teams would soon surpass hers. How much is necessary? I said weak minded because it sounds like you blame others for your daughters naivety.

The frequent meetings were affecting her studies, she says. And yes, the only way to not succeed at something is to quit. Do you want to legitimately shop there, or do you want to get the incentives? I pray that this all comes clean. As of filme July,Alex Morton did the unthinkable. The only liquid I take is medicine. Click here to cancel reply. Alex Morton is the world renowned 25 year old network marketing phenom. Alex Morton was an Affilate who happened to make quite a bit of money.


There is massive disinformation being used against Vemma. Trying and failing leads to success. They did a little travelling during breaks there, then back home for about a week, returning to Korean for a repeat of the previous year.

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Sign up for our newsletter. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop Kevin. Morotn I made money? Life is about choices, happiness and fulfillment. Oh I have no prob getting my product another way once we can again as of yesterday. If enough people do this, problem solved.

Morton and his many team members have been notorious for preaching that very motto. If so would that require a new case involving only those culpable for that part? Nevertheless, she had invited a new prospect she had met, who worked at the Discovery store. Click to enlarge images. There are contradictions and flaws. A few years dilms, Vemma rebranded itself specifically to appeal to younger consumers.

Representing “tens of thousands of members,” it accuses the company of charging customers for auto-deliveries of the products every month without consent. I kept telling her to read the clinical studies. Thankfully, she sees the truth now and is pissed off at her ignorance.

College guarantees nothing, and certainly not a career or even a job. They had dated for a spell and she had never seen him this excited before.

Although Nguyen remained skeptical about Vemma, she promised to try it out for a year, signing up in late July. By giving away product? And you are right that has not been my experience with FEMA I personally have not going out to sell it I use it for myself and my grandson.


Yes, I bought more product then I needed initially, but that only means it lasted longer.

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You can judge for yourself about his role in Vemma, and how he was influenced others. A Presidential-ranked affiliate sporting red sneakers passed out notebooks and pens, sliding one down the table in Nguyen’s direction.

You can not fight all her battles. I saw Alex speak at a Vemma convention. The FTC showed a few videos that contained strong income claims.

The industry is deceptive by nature. Recently featured on Bloomberg TV and several national publications, Thompson is a thought-leader in the industry. More than a dozen Vemma affiliates questioned by Al Jazeera America expressed fears that the person who recruited them would be angry if they spoke to the press.

Notably, there was very little reference of retail sales by the FTC. There were also some who could be harmed.

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And where did you live when you got evicted? The Vemma products are that good. After BurnLounge, this is the key question morrton purposes of determining the existence of a pyramid scheme.