In fact I wish the big brother housemates were actually put under as much torture as these guys. Nabil Shaban’s acting is embarrassing and its a toss up as to who is making me want to change channels – the appalling Doctor or the idiotic Sil. Trivia Nicola Bryant suffered mightily portraying the half-bird incarnation of Peri, as she was allergic to the feathers glued to her skin. Colin was definitely a Doctor of action, arguably the most violent of the classic Doctors, are the scenes where he pushes the two Varos guards into the acid bath in keeping with his character? Colin Baker , Vengeance on Varos. This episode’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Fifty Years of Storytelling. Vengeance on Varos is a nicely drawn out tale of a mining society that has become dependent on violent reality TV as both a source of entertainment and as an export…funnily enough 15 years before we got such dross as Big Brother. After Doctor Who was taken off air in , John maintained his links to the series by producing a number of special video releases, such as The Years Tapes which included various single episodes from partly lost s stories, as well as the release of Shada. I thought, perhaps, by laser obliteration, sir. Companion Nicola Bryant Peri Brown. Finally there are the Vengeance On Varos supporting characters; Quillum, Jondar, Areta, the Chief Officer, the Governor – all are dull, boring, badly acted and not worth our time. Why not just throw a chair or something into their paths? You can see clearly that he doesn’t like the system, and the pain of all the voting shows in every scene – yet he still commands some authority.

Edit Storyline The closer the Doctor comes toward gaining the Governor’s confidence, the closer Sil’s coup with the Chief Officer and the Mentors’ extortion of Varos comes to light. Doctor Who serials novelised by Philip Martin Sixth Doctor serials British television episodes 24th century in fiction. Myth The Doctor at one point in this story deliberately pushes two guards into an acid bath.

Why not just throw a chair or something into their paths? During the first recording of the noose execution scene, part of the set collapsed under the weight of the actors. Since he has written a great number of historical crime books, specialising in the subject of Jack the Ripper he dast produce the Jack the Ripper document pack for the UK National Archives.


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Edit Did You Know? Connections Caxt in The Chronic Rift: And we’d certainly have gotten a much better story too. Copyright Old TV shows.

The concept of people voting for punishment is probably ahead of it’s time – but something that when watched now is kind of eerie The Chief and Quillam arrive on the scene but are entangled in the tendrils, killing them. As Steve Redford put it in Shada 19, dated November He just relishes in the nastiness of his portrayal and it just makes the character too unlikeable.

Vengeance on Varos: Part One

Luckily, the process has been halted in time, and the mutations are only temporary, and Peri and Areta soon return to their original selves. What a different first impression we would have got.

Doctor Who Episode List. Written by Daniel Williamson. As a story it lacks any type of humour to offset the darkness and as a result it just turns out to be drab and one dimensional.

Nabil has returned to the role of Sil twice for audio adventures – ‘s Mission to Magnus a story from the aborted Season 23 in and ‘s Antidote to Oblivion. However, there is violence and voyeurism on display, and the Doctor’s character continues its degeneration. Facts Nicola was encouraged to audition for the role of Peri by agent Terry Carney, who was actually first Doctor William Hartnell’s son-in-law! A block of wood would’ve done better and his girlfriend Areta is not up to scratch either.

Usually, it’s [a] pretty clear cut choice – despatch a single villain if there’s no other way of dealing with him, and in so doing safeguard the lives of millions of innocents. Those who dismiss Colin’s Doctor, do so wrongly I think, he is very good indeed here.

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Who can blame her? Shortly before Colin took the role of the Doctor, he and his second wife Marion suffered the loss of their baby son Jack to cot death syndrome. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The Doctor becomes involved in a television show where people are killed for entertainment. No reproduction allowed without written permission. Stephen King’s The Running Man. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: The main reason to revisit ‘Vengeance on Varos’ was to move towards completing the task started in the ‘Revisitations’ boxsets of remastering any colour episodes that hadn’t been put through the Transform Decoder.


However, it also gave us a great opportunity to add features such as a ‘Making of’ which were not part of the original package and to expand greatly on the extended and deleted scenes package as requested by fans over the years.

He is also one of the people behind History by the Yardwhich advises TV and film production companies on the history of policing in London, and also undertakes family history and genealogy projects.

Colin Baker gives a very strong performance as the Doctor in this story, and Redford for one was impressed: In its final draft, the story had a number varow comedic sequences, most of which wound up being cut, and one of which, the acid bath sequence, was played seriously.

Trivia Most of Quilliam’s role in this part was deleted in post production. And what about that hideous outfit she has to wear? Not varis, he has won many plaudits.

I guess not any more – we now go to Cardiff to refuel! As the Doctor and co escape in Part One having rescued Jondar, the Doctor turns the random laser beam emitter vejgeance on the pursuing guards causing one of them to be vapourised. Alongside a documentary on the Sixth Doctor vzros, the disc features the serial put together as a single feature in widescreen format with an introduction from current show runner Steven Moffatas well as its original version.

Dialogue Triumphs The Doctor: Chief Officer Stephen Yardley I personally rate this very highly, it’s well made, fast paced, highly imaginative, and boasts some truly exceptional characters and performances.

Hedgecock did however have one complaint about the story: And the punishment challenges that we go through make for a good solid sci fi tale. The Governor vsngeance powerless, citizens votes can literally kill or empower him but want the Governor accede to Sil’s demands to stave off starvation.

Maxil in Arc of Infinity Played: