Highlights include Jaesuk singing as TOP in Haru Haru and the Family finding a wide variety of fish, as well as a small shark, in their nets. In the morning, the Family must pick up a plate using only their feet while flipping their bodies backwards. Highlights include Hyori trying to place a clamshell in her boot, Hyori accidentally kicking Jongkook in the groin, and Daesung inadvertently head-butting Jaesuk. During bedtime rankings, Chunhee endures a pitiful fall to nearly last place from a first-place finish during the previous episode and Hyori fights for attention and votes from the Family men by performing the Wonder Girls song “So Hot”. Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the returning foursome. After eating, the Family head to a frozen pond and show off their figure skating abilities, highlighted by Daesung’s ice dance and Chunhee clumsily dropping Yejin onto the ice, before the Family engage in a skating race across the pond.

While on the beach, the Family play a race game of bringing a handful of water from the waves to determine breakfast duty. The Family gather at the village, with Sooro sporting an extra short haircut. Meanwhile, the other Family members harvest gastrodia tubers from the field, featuring an impromptu concert encore performance from Jongkook. Upon returning home, the Family role play a scene from Bumsoo’s drama to determine sleep order rankings, highlighted by Jongshin’s surprising “Eh” sound. The trio of Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin are charged with gathering soondae sausage ingredients, but mischievously head to a local restaurant to eat rice cakes and other snacks before delighting themselves at a local karaoke, fervently singing and dancing along to songs from Jongshin, Turbo , Dambi, and SNSD. After one year of Family Outing , two of the members are leaving the show. The easily scared “Family” is tasked to finish the course in pairs to figure out the mystery behind the place, not knowing the horror hidden within the factory. While carrying the felled tree home, Jaesuk and Jongshin slip into a freezing stream.

In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to jump over a rolling hula hoop. At the village house, Henney helps to wash rice, reenacting a scene oouting the movie Ghost with Hyori. Carrying out the first assigned task of visiting the uninhabited island, the Family build a canopy before playing a water game aimed at pushing the opponents off their float.

Following, the Family enjoy the last game of the day: Hyori and Jongkook joke around in the picturesque flowerbeds and Hyori re-enacts a memorable scene from My Sassy Girlapologizing for her behavior towards Jongkook because of his muscular arms. Wonhee acts the queen’s role with Jongkook and Chunhee as they shop for pig skin and fashionable pants, while Hyori and Daesung manage to gorge on the beef while picking vegetables, confessing to the other members upon Wonhee’s confrontation.


Armed with ramyun powder, Jongshin ensures the seafood stew is appropriately seasoned. After catching ssok, the Family form teams to play a game of 7-step long jumps. Dinner preparations feature 1 “Dumb and Dumber” having difficulty deciding on how many pumpkin leaves to pick, 2 Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Hyesung attempting to properly season the soup, and 3 Chunhee being bossed around and nagged by the tandem of Hyori and Yejin. As the episode begins, Yejin and Chunhee are busy filming an ice cream CF as we catch a glimpse of Jongshin with his infant son.

When they reconvene, the Family proceed to prepare a large batch of kimchi before quickly cooking and enjoying dinner in the winter cold. Highlights include Jongshin’s massive heel spacers, repeated falls by Daesung, and Yejin almost performing the splits while being raised.

Following breakfast, the Family perform a morning wake-up dancing exercise before heading out into the mud fields to gather loaches. In the morning, the wake-up mission involves using one’s head to break a gourd that is launched by a seesaw. Episodes comprises a special New Year’s edition three-episode arc with guest Jang Hyuk, with episode 28 featuring previously unaired scenes as “X-Files”. Highlights include Jongshin’s lack of flexibility and the Family teasing Jongkook for giving advice to Yejin as part of their ‘love scandal’.

After eating, the Family plays the Saranghae game, featuring 1 “love-line” and verbal jabs between Hyori, G-Dragon and Yejin and 2 Jongshin’s teeth attacks on Jaesuk. Highlights include Jongshin, Sooro, and Jongkook attempting to reproduce the husky vocals. After the game session, the rest of the Family continue with kimchi preparation while Jaesuk, Daesung, and Sooro mischievously head off to town to seek out other necessary ingredients.

Ultimately, the entire Family benefit from the cooking contest as it results in the most delicious breakfast in memory.

Gathering at the village, the Family tease Jongkook for ignoring them while inviting Yoon Eun-hye to his concert 722 Hyori is intimidated by Wonhee’s presence. Returning to the house, Hyori and Jongkook set out to pick edible flowers while the others remain to prepare dinner from the caught fish, where Sooro is relegated to being a spectator while Seungwon skillfully trims the squid.

[360kpop’s Vietsub] All About TVXQ Season II – Making Film Part 3 [3/4]

Meanwhile, Jungmin, Jaesuk, and Sooro engage in some farming Olympic competition as they gather onions and cabbage and Hyori and Chunhee gather fresh salt from a local mine, with the latter tricked into swallowing spoonfuls of salt.


Cooking highlights include Chunhee playing rock-paper-scissors gamily Hyori to gently slap each other with spatulas. Due to Kang Dae-sung’s absence, two guests were featured. Vietwub determine seasson order rankings, the Family act out a piggyback date scene from Jungmin’s drama, featuring complaints of the men who must carry and endure Hyori’s body weight and a Konglish fight between Jaesuk and Hyori.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As bedtime approaches, Junjin, Daesung, and Hyori play with the cameras, singing and dancing to each other’s songs, while the other Family members perform the task of night fishing.

[Vietsub] Family Outing Ep 46 [6/6]

DamyangSouth Jeolla. The four of them go off to the market and buy ray fish to prepare. During sleep order rankings, the Family attempt celebrity imitations and impromptu poetry. Returning to the house, ouhing Family prepare meju from the fermented soybean, with a kiss on the cheek for the victor, Changeui.

[Vietsub] Family Outing Ep 46 [6/6] –

The episode features abbreviated breakfast cooking and eating sequences, leading into a morning dance exercise session. Ihmegol Village, Nonsan, South Chungcheong. Gaemideol Village, JeongseonGangwon.

Cha Tae-hyunJang Hyuk [nb 5]. Highlights include inept physical performances from Jaesuk and Jongshin leading to their trademark sad accordion music. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home. Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the returning foursome.

Seomdalcheon Village, YeosuSouth Jeolla. Meanwhile, the other Family members srason a bedtime game where Sooro tricks Daesung and Hyori into believing he has mind-reading powers. After breakfast, the Family head to the fields to seed the soil, but not before playing a rolling race game. On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. The Family then move on to their first game, where the object is to sesson down and up a large pile of hay while carrying a basin of water.

The family attempts to do crop art, planting rice.

Highlights include the frequently errant throws from Jongshin and Hyuk and Jongkook pitifully enduring the sawdust falling on him.

Later, Jaesuk and Sooro secretively season the bean curd soup with ramyun powder while Hyuk is distracted.