Univers de Miraculous Ladybug. They go through many adventures and encounter the evil Team Rocket. Yummy Mummies 1 seizoen. Prison Playbook 1 seizoen. Now everyone is starting to unveil the truth behind Marinette’s secret war with the Italian girl, but it seems too little too late for them to make amends with their class president. Luke Cage 2 seizoenen. He hadn’t screamed when they shot his leg.

Rated M for sexual themes. Foundations by CrimsonCobwebs reviews The foundations are set, now all that’s left to do is build on them. On Hiatus until further notice. The Age of Adaline. Can’t you leave the past behind? Adrinette with some Marichat and Ladynoir thrown in. La Catedral del Mar 1 seizoen. While wounded badly he ends up at the beach, where Yuki sits, wounded

This story is inspired of one of the works of a author I admire the most, BriRy The Phantom Prince of Egypt by neomoon reviews Two brothers, Dan, a royal prince, and Danny, an orphan with a secret past, grew up together vor close friendship and rivalry.

Samen Vrij 7 seizoenen. Ladynoir, pure fluff and I guess a little ooc Miraculous: Our Future by Ani.

They got separated and, due to the crystalitation, not everyone awoke at the same time. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Marichat, Identity Reveal Miraculous: Plus, this story contains Red’s comments on others. With her emotions unstable but her mind focused on her goal Izumi 81 refuses all romantic connections to pursue her dream, but after a tragic accident during hero work she wakes up in a reality she doesn’t recognize.

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Heldenverhalen van Kapitein Onderbroek S When Adrien finds out, what else can he do but fill that role? Except Kaito has a power and shares that same power with another.

No pairings but contains friendships. Join of a group of friends as they accidently awaken an evil that threatens the fate of Earth.

Imagination Heart | FanFiction

Based on “The Prince of Egypt”. Will Marinette come to her senses and become her normal self, or will Paris be in chaos forever? It’s July, so, how about some Christmas in July?

Kingdom Hearts – Rated: Will Lucas want to go back after he realized his feelings for Dawn? The First of Aperirel by jon reviews Once a year, Yugo and Adamai get to show their funerwl brotherly love towards each other through the act of pranks.

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Heartbroken, Marinette leaves, not even knowing that two of her friends are going to give Adrien a piece of their mind. The Fellowship of the Ring. One Show Fits All. Saisom Red Haired Uzumaki by Sieler reviews Naru Uzumaki, born with her mother’s red hair is off on her journey to greatness.


Arne Dahl 2 seizoenen. Okay, Brendan, an elite theif, stumbles into a ball and meets Princess May?

As it becomes a race with their lives on the line, will they find the jewel and destroy it before another gets their hands on it? Along the way, the Hero of Twilight uncovers a truth that nothing could have prepared him for.

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Miraculously Enchanted by mwnga reviews Forest Princess Bridgette finds herself pushed through a portal to modern day Paris after crossing with Princess Chloe Bourgeois. Time line- Sir Aaron’s time. BoJack Horseman 5 seizoenen. Pirates of the Caribbean: K – English – Romance – Chapters: The Rain 1 seizoen.