Johanna continues to intimidate Katerina and Jane apologizes for her daughter’s behavior. Katerina feels trapped as Tomas continues to insist she stay at the Montenegros. Real The Other Mrs. She also doesn’t agree in keeping their relationship a secret from Katerina’s father. Jack has a family emergency and says he can’t come to Katerina’s party. Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin Only You. Feeling the attraction once again, Daniel says maybe they should avoid each other so he would not break his promise to her father. Ika-6 na Utos A Woman Scorned [22].

This page was last edited on 21 February , at Nathan tries to become distant towards Katerina as advised by Tomas, for her to start missing his Someone to Watch Over Me [14]. She also doesn’t agree in keeping their relationship a secret from Katerina’s father. September 19, [17] [18]. However, Tomas has his friends pretend to be robbers, stealing

Retrieved July 3, Katerina pleads to her father to give Daniel a chance, as they have both loved each other since they were children.

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Daniel Gets to Be with the Montenegros They officially become a couple but Katerina asks Daniel to keep their relationship secret as rpelay father wants her Henya Wants to Talk to Emily Katerina Dodges Nathan Because of Daniel Daniel finally graduates from high school. She is in the hospital right now and she needs the help of Luis. Her son, Luis Buenaluz Raymart Santiagoasked her what was her problem. Young Nathan and Katerina say goodbye to each other hanggzn she takes a liking to Daniel Retrieved from ” https: Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?


Retrieved December 1, Johanna Keeps Mum on Katerina’s Whereabouts Genia however is puzzled where the money came from.

Apparently Tomas was busy putting the blame for the missing 4 million pesos his father loaned from the bank on Daniel. Meanwhile, Emily finds out that she’s pregnant with Marco’s child but when Marco finally finds her and pays her a visit, she doesn’t tell him about her condition. Yvonne then asked him why he came running after him when before he did not do that.

List of GMA Network drama series

Belen never thought that her life would be hard abroad but she must survive all the challenges to give Veronica a better future. Marco learns how the storm devastated Olivares and Katarina says if the Montenegro’s farm becomes operational again, they would be surely helping the families who need work. Johanna insists on seeing Manila’s night life with Daniel.

Erplay Network drama series Lists of Philippine television series Lists of television series by network Philippine drama television series Philippine television-related lists. Johanna is excited with Emilia’s arrival at their hacienda. Jane is worried how they will tell Johanna that they are actually half-sisters instead of mother and daughter.


The fight started because someone saw what he was trying to do with Graciela. My Guitar Princess [33]. Pamilya Roces Family Jewels [38].

Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Mundong Ibabaw. But Donya Conuelo then said that the child she wants is by her own blood. Hiram na Anak [44].

Magic Palayok Magic Pot. Veronica is very sad that her mother, Belen Salvacion Assunta De Rossi chose to work abroad than to be with her all the time. But Yvonne deplay that she wanted to walk with him. She found Yvonne sitting on a bench.

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When Daniel learns Katarina is with Nathan, he immediately goes over to his house. Ang Pagbabalik Captain Barbell: Destined to be Yours. Emily befriends Johanna to get into the Montenegro household.