Terry and Isay are beauty pageant rivals who have different talents: He transforms into the super-powered hero by the help of a magical rooster given by his father’s friend that transforms him into Adarna. Despite living without her family, her boyfriend Thor brings her constant joy. Maisa is a good-hearted lady who has been insecure all her whole life because of her rough and frizzy hair. Wish Upon a Lusis: They understand her and forgive her. Homer Ejay Falcon is a man who encounters a ghost called Claire Precious Lara Quigaman after releasing her from a “spirit of the glass” ritual with his girlfriend Trina Empress Schuck.

Lai, Lai, batang pasaway! Philip and Alice are two friends who are the kids of old flames. Mitch, is a good witch who use her power to help others. Can Nanding undo his curse and his cruelty to nature? One day, she founds out that all her excuses will be true because of a magical bracelet. Terry owns a fairy doll Kitkat in which she shares all her wishes. Kilalang kilala ka ba niya?

Pia, a vain narcissist works as a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place and switched their bodies. Despite their diligence in selling vegetables in their public market, Jing-jing and her mother would always end up penniless because of her lazy stepfather and brothers.

Before the twins were born, Lulu and Lily’s parents asked a dwarf to grant their wish to have movir complete family. When he slept one night without eating, Tonton was brought to a world where he meets kids who also take food for granted. A story that will teach kids and students proper attitude in school, in this back-to-school special episode.


A special Father’s day episode about Ian Mark, a young boy wansapanatwym was solely raised by his father.

Diego and his family always hide in their home when the owner of the apartment comes to visit because they cannot pay the rent. It’s up to Stella and the 5 men to stop the evil Mermaid from taking the pearl and taking over the sea.

WANSAPANATAYM ‘Perfecto’ September 20, 2014 Finale Teaser

Julia MontesJ. Can she prove to Charles that she deserves to be loved no matter what she looks like?

Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick old man about Dahlia’s special powers. Ang suyod ni Ang Suh-yod Ang bagong car ni Carl In order wanapanataym him to return to his normal self once again, Nilo must save the mother dakuwaka from a team of researchers who captured her. Judy Ann SantosRico Yan. The pilot episode of Wansapanataym. However, Caloy starts to feel that his grandmother is getting in the way of his plans because she is taking too much of his time.

Perfecto: Part 1

He helped his friends for too long and the curse was activated, killing him and reducing him to dust. After her training, Dong Pagong instructed her to get the magical pearl and bring it to their land to prevent the giant octopus from finding mogie in the ocean. When she is given a magical camera and bag that can obtain everything it captures, Lucy learns to steal the things that are perfectl hers. Jingle is a young woman who always wants to be ahead of others.


Grace is a child who feels deprived by her parents because they can’t afford to buy her a dollhouse.

Minnie is the elder sister of the young genius named Edison and the special friend of Benson. Eventually, Patty becomes flat, and realized that she needs to start listening to her mother. When a boy named Paolo drinks it, he turns up looking hideous.

Katty is an ungrateful young girl who likes to play with food. The ordinary teenager’s life changes perfecyo he meets Super Bing, a superhero who saves his life from danger. The story of a young girl named Lulu and her twin sister Lily, who is cursed to become as little as an elf.

She finally learns her lesson in the end. Super K heard the gunshot that was fired from Horje’s gun.

WANSAPANATAYM ‘Perfecto’ September 20, Finale Teaser – video dailymotion

Carl was cleaning the car one day, when Karen took Julian and Carl and locked them inside! Venus Erich Gonzalesis an ugly girl who transforms into a beautiful lady when she wears a magical black scarf. Maya is a disobedient child longing for the attention of her wanwapanataym who solely raised septemger. In spite of losing her boyfriend, she regains another important person in her life when she finally reunites with her long lost sister.

Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. Lisa doesn’t believe in her story.