Between and Taiwan was a Japanese colony, but small groups of the original indigenous tribes remained scattered around the island. Though what’s unfortunate is that the movie doesn’t explain the Seediq culture which results in these people looking like savages unless you know your historical background. Take this into account with the huge sets and many injuries and technical difficulties dealt in with this production. The cast does have great chemistry; though the language was an issued considering the production involved people from other countries. To start watching from thousands of movies and TV shows, all free, you’ll need to sign in or create an account. At two and a half hours, Warriors Of The Rainbow has the shape of something weightier than the simplified good-vs. Unfortunately we also get some unintentionally hilarious effects as with a CG rainbow bridge and are at subpar level. Ma Chih-hsiang as Temu Walis.

As the war drags on, “Warriors of the Rainbow” outstays its welcome. Warriors of the Rainbow: The film includes some stunning visuals, including a few terrific jungle battle scenes. The uncut version of Warriors of the Rainbows is divided into two segments, the first being The Sun Flag which contains most of the story. Or sign in with:. Bruce Bruce Super Reviewer. The remaining Seediq were relocated to a new area in after the harsh action taken by the Japanese government, though another incident in WuShe by other violent indigenous group resulting led to the extinction of the Seediq people and culture.

Audiences will in no doubt question the leadership of Mona Rudao and his actions which are cruel and can be interpreted as heartless in a desperate time when leadership is required in this battle.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Taiwanese natives battle occupying Japanese forces in a doomed uprising.

Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale | Online Video | SBS Movies

The Japanese army was then force to use tear gas bombs which is the first recorded event of chemical warfare in Asia. The Seediq killed Japanese, including women and children. At best, it’s a very exhilarating flawed masterpiece.


If you enjoy violence this movie have more than enough to satisfy anyone, this is produced by the legendary John Woo after all. I also found the women committing suicide to be both shocking and unbearable to some audiences as well as ffee. Lo Eatch as Kawano Hanako. Or sign in with:. If this movie had a wide release it would be the topic of controversy and controversy it has already generated in its country.

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale

Ching Tai Lin as Mouna Rudo. Warriors of the Rainbows is a difficult watch and no doubt very powerful piece of cinema that’s definitely worth your time and should not be missed.

I should note that both segments combined have a lot of violence which works in case of the movie since it helps sends an unsettling feeling toward audiences. Though I should warn the movie is graphic and could be a little more than some of us could handle, especially when the body count ranges in the triple digits with a rainhow of beheadings. Take a quick 2 minute survey. The Sun Flag segment concentrates the struggles frwe between oppressive Japanese and the oppress Seediq and the events leading to the WuShe incident.

All in all, The Sun Flag segment sacrifices characters depth for a well thought out and detailed piece of historical cinema with detail to accuracy. It surely feels like the filmmakers did their research and with a passion to adapt this event into a feature film, this is most notable by the fact the director ranibow to keep the Seediq native language intact instead changing it.

Beautifully filmed — Avatar coming to life in the real world. Exciting if exhausting account of a real-life incident. The film includes some stunning visuals, including a few terrific jungle battle scenes.


Chang Chih-Wei as Pihu Sapu. Mona Rudao, along with over Seediq indigenous, committed suicide and were died in the uprising. What’s amazing is that The Sun Flag segment summarized over 30 years of events and in depth setting up the second segment.

Now while this segment does not cover as much, it focuses on the people more and bsle cram your heads with even more historical events. Landy Wen as Mahung Mouna. Warriors of the Rainbows will provide the audience an experience that they’ll soon not forget.

Not to forget that Wei Te also needed to gain investors’ confidence and made another movie which also delayed production. You should carefully consider watching this since the movie budget is estimated to have been million dollars which compensates the most beheadings you’ll ever see in a movie and includes non-professional actors.

As with any violently heavy sediq event, the filmmakers have the challenge of accurately representing the people, conveying a message of the event, and most importantly respect those involve in the incident.

At times, Seediiq sacrifices dramatic nuance for scale, but even its most rousing passages are tempered by a sense of loss. The whole film is unreal in its detail a must see 5 stars Da-Ching as Young Mouna Rudo.

Bokeh Kosang as Hanoka Ichiro. Bruising, brutal tale of rebellion in early 20th Century Taiwan suffers from overkill. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.