As a result, the series is 24 episodes long. The apartment number in the story is , as 4, or shi. Chapters Episodes Characters Chi. Then he finds out that Shinbo has run away with Ms. During the events in the previous episode, Chi’s defense mechanism activates and puts her in a trance-like state that results in her jumping from building to building and that seems to disable all of the other Persocoms in the area. Chi then tells Hideki that she loves him.

When Hideki goes to clean the electronics room, Sumomo accidentally falls onto some wires and gets electrocuted. Hideki dreams of getting into college and having a cute Persocom to surf the internet for pornography with. May 30, Ueda’s previous marriage to a Persocom, she concluded that he believed Persocoms to be superior to humans, so she quit her job at his bakery and broke off the relationship. Hideki Motosuwa is an year-old student living with the short end of a stick. May 26, 4.

Jun 5, Jun 11, While Chi is on her way to work, she notices the third part of the book series “A City With No People” on the shelf of a bookstore. But when Hideki tells him what had happened overnight, Shinbo freaks out. choits

Hibiya, he decides to keep her, much to her joy. A complete boxset was released on 5 March Following the events from epsode previous episode, Hideki responds to Chi he also loves her. Jun 12, Hibiya preparing a dinner party for everyone in anticipation of hearing the results of Hideki’s college entrance exams.

However, Chi is somehow not with them in the game, and Hideki searches around in-game to find her despite the fact that he has no experience in playing online games. Ueda, the two had started falling in love, but chobist Yumi learned about Mr.

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Zima and Dita, two advanced Persocoms who had been observing from a distance, wait nearby intending to stop Chi from launching her supposed hidden program that they fear will destroy all Persocoms. JimsArcadeMay 27, Hideki meets with Shinbo and shares his feelings for Chi. Chi wants to find a job to so she can help Hideki pay for their expenses.


Ueda’s previous marriage to a Persocom, she concluded 245 he believed Persocoms to be superior to humans, so she quit her job at his bakery and broke off the relationship.

A strange e-mail image gets sent to him and Shinbo from an untraceable email address. After several mishaps and mistakes, Hideki finally plucks up the courage to run into the store and buy them himself and run back out.

Sailor Moon filler episodes that don’t advance the plot. While he’s out, Chi reads the sequel of her book, which awakens a part of her memory. Hideki gets a date with Yumi. Hideki takes Chi to work. He talks to Shinbo about this, and learns that Persocoms need to be charged.

Minoru cuobits that Hideki is able to teach her and that she will be able to grasp information that she is given. According to the story, a woman who was hoping to rendezvous with her lover was killed in that room. Hideki is on his way to college when Chi discovers that he has forgotten his wallet.

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This page was last edited on 3 Chobitssat Bewildered, Hideki goes to Minoru’s house and gets him to contact Shinbo via video call. The picture came from an untraceable email. This episode serves mainly as a recap of the storyline. When Hideki goes to clean the electronics room, Sumomo accidentally falls onto some wires and gets electrocuted.

There, Chi changes into the wrong uniform. He’s short on money, has to go to prep school, and is still a virgin. May 27, Freya accepts that Chi has done the thing Freya couldn’t do while alive: He decides to get a job to pay for his living expenses.

DanielJrMay 26, May 26, 2.

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epiode While doing so, he accidentally finds himself confronting an undefeatable boss monster and is eventually rescued by Chi, although afterward Chi claims that she has no memory of the incident. They run after Chi to deliver the underwear to epiwode, which results in a comical ending. Later, Hideki is walking home when he sees Ms.


It was later released in Japan across 8 DVDs. The next day, he finds out that Shinbo hasn’t slept at all.

Finding Hideki and Chi on the roof, Hibiya reveals that she is Chi’s mother. Hideki is facing his first practice exam and goes to the book store to buy an English dictionary since he forgot his own at his parents’ place.

OP isn’t talking about filler, he’s talking about episodes that really chobtis make the show better, and in some cases actually take away from the show and are better off skipped.

Later, in his room, Hideki gives her the name “chi”. While he’s out one night, he finds a Persocom in the garbage, activates her, and names her Chi, after her first word, which appears to be the only thing that she can say. At Freya’s request, Hibiya issues the command to shut them down and delete their programming, heedless of Hideki’s protests.

Chii gets her first “real job” in a cake shop. She tells Hideki that Chi chobjts to be called Elda and, like her sister, was created to be loved and fall in love with others. Yuzuki reviews with Minoru what they know about Chi, and the only thing they can conclude with the chobiits they have is that Chi is not a normal Persocom. Sumomo is running low on memory space, so she asks her owner, Shinbo, chobita he wants to erase.

After trying to hide her from Hiromu Shinbo, his neighbor and his mini-Persocom Sumomoand trying and failing to hide her from his landlady, Ms. Even though it introduces a couple of supporting characters, the animation quality thanks to a guest director that ep is. May 26, 1.