Inside, there’s a fairy crying for help because her kingdom was being invaded by evil weeds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The story will revolve around three friends who found three magical wishing stones at the end of a rainbow. A touching mother-and-daughter story. Because Bea keeps on bullying Kat, the mysterious school statue switches the personality of the two students and lets them experience each other’s life. Elaine’s dream to make Charles fall for her eventually comes true when she is given a magic bowl that makes her attractive in the eyes of the person who eats a fruitcake she bakes in it. He summons one of the characters, Raven, to the real world.

One day, she discovers the secret of a magical flower. And at last, she became the first runner up but still Bechay was happy because she won, cleanly without cheating. The ordinary teenager’s life changes when he meets Super Bing, a superhero who saves his life from danger. Super K’s brother was also kidnapped by the giant octopus while she was temporarily blinded. While the 5 men were bandmates who were also environmentalists. Jing-jing is an obedient young girl who always helps her mother. Will Era finally understand her Mommy Mila when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother’s sacrifices are for her? Because of the man’s true love for Kara, the curse was broken.

One day, she founds out that all her excuses will be true because of a magical bracelet. One day, Raprap gets a magic wrapper that has powers of changing everything it wraps.

However, the young man’s mother disapproves of their relationship and even threatens Jasmin, which forces them coccoy part ways. A story that will take kids and families to a magical, funny and lesson-filled adventure. The lesson is about brushing your teeth everyday. Now that he wears the glove, Kenny becomes an expert cat burglar and steals everything that he wants.

Paulo Avelino is cursed to become a merman in Cocoy Shokoy |

Unknown to her, her guardian angel Kiko has been right beside her all along to help her achieve her goals. The adventures of Chokee and Sisay as they come through several obstacles. If Mac fails to get out of the magical mirror, the witch will steal the love and care of her family. Despite their diligence in selling vegetables in their public market, Jing-jing and her mother would always end up penniless because of her lazy stepfather and brothers.


Zhokoy wish is a tree with a fruit that contains money, but wacth her greedy friend found out she wanted the fruits for herself.

They will try to find a solution to solve the problem wath Javier to go to heaven. With the spell cast on her, she meets Robin, a young man who luckily finds the magical shlkoy along the street. A Christmas fairy hears her plea to escape from her evil aunt and cousin Jingle, and she defeats Jingle in the “Caroling Queen” contest, leaving their evil aunt. He wants everything he has changed, including his mother Sioneng.

Claus Malou Crisologo on the other hand, needs someone to help her deliver gifts around town in time for Christmas.

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A special Christmas episode that will teach the whole family the value of giving. Meanwhile, Heidi discovers the magic of an angel statue.

Ving is a loving and obedient son raised by his doting parents Cris and Soffy.

She met a boy named Bebot, when she helped him get out of quicksand. When she is given a magical image of Greek god Janus that has the ability to show her past and future, Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her own fate.

The problem is, it leads to an accident with her family. He helped his friends for too long and the curse was activated, killing him and reducing him to dust. Kenny learns to steal Kenny learns to steal because of the Black Shadow gloves. A Mother’s Day Presentation. Because of their parents’ bitter past, conflict starts to arise between the two families, especially when they all found out about the curse that Philip’s mother put on Alice’s parents. Judy Ann SantosRico Yan.


Will Topher and his siblings finally learn to value and appreciate their mother when they no longer feel her love for them? As she enters the limelight and takes her career to the next level, Hannah becomes arrogant and overconfident that she ignores her family and friends who have been with her from the start.

Archived from the original on But she can’t able to control herself. Tanya has also copied her habit. Cara Alessandra De Rossi was born with three heads, her conjoined sisters named Kanan right and Kaliwa left. Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick old man about Dahlia’s special powers.

In spite of losing her boyfriend, she regains another important person in her life when she finally reunites with her long lost sister.

A tale of an extraordinary talented weather girl named Hannah. What will she do once the tablet that created her “app boyfriend” is taken away from her? She got what she wished for, as she was cursed to vanish piece by piece. Trina Julia Montes wanted to follow the latest fashion styles to be a member of her classmate’s group Hopia Legaspi.

Maan is a hardheaded kid who has a habit of sleeping late at night. Gradually, he transforms into a humanoid tree.

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When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to compete against her mother’s gay son. A cowardly boy named Omar receives watvh magical device that enables him to see the future. Allan is a little boy who is on the verge of losing his scholarship.