Although on the exterior, she may seem like a soft and gentle person, inwardly, she’s actually an extremely strong person. I would be so happy if they were to put some sort of connection between Kang Sora’s character and little hye sung!! Star News, Sure Magazine Source: Kwon Hae Hyo Supporting Cast. They are trying to turn legal and are not uploading their RAWs to the webhard services, which means no HANrels down the line. They should cast Choi Minsung from the same show to pair her up with. About Dream High 1 is about children turning from dust into stars. Posted December 26,

Dream High 2, which will have its first broadcast on Jan 30th, plans to have special appearances by the main leads from Season 1, including Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Eunjung, IU, etc. However, during the entrance examination held at Kirin Academy three years ago, Yoo Jin recalled that JB’s vocal chords were still not strong enough at that time. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Despite their tight schedules, all of them would like to give their support to Season 2 of the drama. To put it across more aptly, the desire of victory or success doesn’t seem to bother him much at all. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

She is so cute and pretty.

Watch ‘ Dream High ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. He’s someone who manages his private life well and he is also a good role model for the rest of the idols.

Cast – Dream High. Bae Noo Ri Supporting Cast.

Log in with Email. Thinking back on JB’s absence during this long period of time, Yoo Jin asked himself what he’s done so far and he finds himself being overwhelmed by his own thoughts which only confuses and perplexes him further.

If she were to give up so easily just because her self-esteem has been hurt a couple of times, she wouldn’t be Shin Hye Sung then. I really want to know. dramacrqzy

Ahn Seo Hyun Supporting Cast. With a month left to the first broadcast, we will do our best to protect the identities of the cameos. I really don’t know about what the connect with Dream High and Dream High In dramcarazy of all that he’s done, this has not caused dramzcrazy feelings of uneasiness to be reduced.


Due to this sense of insecurity, he is often seen to be driving himself to work extremely hard by putting in many hours of practice.

She regards every Kirin student she meets with disdain and wariness as they might turn out to be some stalker who would post all kinds of content online and share them with fellow users. By babygirrll Started 8 minutes ago. But seeing that they took a picture together, I’m confused. Log in with Email. Someone who is strong and dynamic yet also appears to be gentle Dramas with heart, funny moments, dance, songs and good looking people are really my favourite!!

Dream High 2

Dream High 1 is about children turning from dust into stars. Currently studying in a degenerating school like Kirin Arts Academy, onlne feels it’s more important for him to continue working on his music composition instead. She’s worked extremely hard to attain her current status of being a truly competent lead singer.

And yes, yay for an epic cast,: Although on the exterior, she may seem like a soft and gentle person, inwardly, she’s actually an extremely strong person. In Season Two, Kirin Arts High School has fallen from its top arts academy status into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing. There is a rumour spreading around that Si-Woo has more than five hundred women’s contact numbers stored on his mobile phone.

Kang Sora Main Cast. Her punishment is the rather tedious task of shoe shining while wearing a sign that states her offense in the cold winter weather. Dream High 2 Trailer: Unconsciously, he would turn on his charms and attempt to flirt with people whom he is not even familiar with or related to. Most of the time, this is hardly his fault as they are just very different in terms of their attitude and their style of doing things.

Fans already know that Jiyeon and Hyorin are the remaining two girls, but word on who the two boys at the side are has not been revealed. Thus, whatever is being played out in the scenes may not be reflective of her true emotions and feelings and hence, her acting usually appears to be stiff and stoic. That’s not all there is to it. Posted December 6, Posted January 1, Yoon Young Ah Supporting Cast. People who saw the photos responded: Her dream is to become the “Queen of Cannes” someday but she’s currently an idol with mediocre acting skills.


Whenever this occurs, everyone would take JB’s side and remark that he is in the right while Yoo Jin is always in the wrong. He is known to have a “bad boy” image. Raw Files by semi-fly soompi. She’s very conscious of people’s opinion of her and hence she’s particularly conscious of everything she does.

Neither does he want to see himself messing up his life, making mistakes he shouldn’t be making and being all panic-stricken, he would often be seen practising hard in front of the mirror.

Fuck Yeah Dream High!

Yoo So Young Supporting Cast. Kim Soo Hyun Dreak Cast. Baek Won Kil Supporting Cast. Noh Jung Ui Supporting Cast. Anyway, good luck to the cast!

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In spite onine all his shortcomings, he’s someone who is naturally talented and that’s the reason why he’s one of the most sought after performing artistes in OZ Entertainment.

That’s the type of person she is. That’s what makes him such a perfect man. That’s who he is and the way he likes to live his life. About Dream High 1 is about children turning from dust into stars.

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