It is not a bad anime to watch, just felt as if the main character teams were overpowering, the fight scenes probably could have been more exciting. Liked the art of it too. Kento tries to cheer her up, and ends up asking her out in the flow of things, only to be drowned out by Sawako’s thoughts and the arrival of Kazehaya. Tokyo Revelations Ova 1. Bakuman 2 Season 2. It was a really slow start, had to watch a full season or two before I really started liking it. He’s heading home when he realizes he said something “super wonderful” and runs off to find Kazehaya.

After Kento finally gets everything straight through his head, Ayane and Chizuru leave him. Kazehaya gets mad and tells Kento that he does the things he does for a reason. Kento tries to follow, but is interrupted by Kurumi, who makes Kento tell her what happened. Kento asks Kurumi what she did after she learned about what happened between Kazehaya and Sawako, and Ayane and Chizuru start questioning her. Boukoku No Akito Movies. But I still watched it all. Ayane and Chizuru see this and pull Sawako aside to find out what happened.

It does get a little better though. Chiruzu thinks back at what she said to Kazehaya the previous day and realizes that she screwed up and if she doesn’t do something soon things are going to go badly. After Sawako leaves for classroom duty, Ayane and Chiruzu find Kazehaya and Ryu in the hallway, and Ayane kicks Kazehyaya and tells him to stop avoiding Sawako. Pin finally finds Sawako, and after Sawako tells Pin that she has been rejected by Kazehaya, Pin tries to cheer her up.

Tokyo Babylon Prequel Rated Mature. On Christmas Eve, she spends the day with her parents. The ending was a concluded ending and is good but it never got me hooked. Very short episodes not even 5 minutes longguess it’s an okay way to pass time if you are bored. June 23, [16]. Later on, Kazehaya tries to talk to Sawako and asks her if he’s done something to upset her.


Khiki-Khuki: Anime

Views Read Edit View history. Overall good to watch. The nj try to follow after only to be stopped by Sawako who determinedly said to let her as she was Kurumi’s true rival. Thanks to her practice, Sawako has improved at soccer. There are so many unanswered questions!

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun This is nice anime to watch, it is somewhat like a reverse harem. I only watched this once and it was a while ago, but i think it was ok. It is revealed that Kazehaya used to be on the baseball team.

Looking for rom-com school anime?

But this was actually quite good to watch. I don’t dislike it but don’t love it either. Sawako is invited to eat ramen with Yano and Yoshida. Sawako is still troubled over what Kazehaya said to her in the previous episode and wonders how she should have responded to him. It is now the third semester, and after another seating change, Sawako makes friends with the new people sitting close to her, but can’t help but feel lonely that Kazehaya is sitting further jimi from her.

The kmi of the episode shows the text todooke to Sawako, and both of them are wishing for tomorrow to come so they can see each other again.

She reads the part pertaining to love and realizes it could be talking about Kazehaya.

Meanwhile, Kento pulled Kazehaya outside to talk with him about Sawako, and how much of an outcast she was until Kazehaya started talking to her, and also tells Kazehaya that he shouldn’t get to close to Sawako anymore or the other girls will get mad and Sawako will become an outcast again.

Kurumi tells Sawako to talk to Ryuu and maybe she’ll realize something. Afraid she might break down in front of him, Sawako quickly leaves for her spot on the parade. Such a sweet anime! Kurumi yells at Sawako, telling her she did nothing to get Kazehaya’s attention while “cute and popular girls” like herself need to work a lot harder. Gakuen Alice and Yumeiro Patissiere. In the end Sawako doesn’t care if Kazehaya likes someone or not, and she gets ready to confess to him.


The ending was also bad. Outside, Kazehaya finds Kento waiting for him. Seeing this, Yano and Yoshida do the same. Sawako tries to clear the rumors about Yano and Yoshida. Sawako begins considering whether she only likes Kazehaya because he is nice to her, and whether she would like any guy who did the same.

One girl, lots of Bishounen. The anime is good so definitely have to go and watch it. Such a good anime. Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji.

The teacher talks about the upcoming exams and Kento announces to the class that Sawako is holding a crash course after school. Their present to her is to make her animeaffles really cute for Kazehaya.

It is not a bad anime to watch, just felt tofoke if the main character teams were overpowering, the fight scenes probably could have been more exciting. But this one is actually really good and has comedy in it. The next day at school, Kazehaya asks for her help, prompting the rest of the class to come over. He appears to wnimewaffles about to confess to Chizuru when she notices that she left his present lying out in plain sight.

They continue home, taking the path she walks to school. While watering the flowers in the school, Sawako starts kicking rocks and practice for soccer. Sawako asks Ayane and Chizuru not to tell, realizing that Kurumi is probably hurting a lot.