Ft island grown up – Weavering case concentrates m Yup, sounds interesting I like a good storyline. Yeah, I see some similarities from the tattoos, bromance, action, good plot, and a just a tint of romance as well and hardly any romantic scenes alsoso i thought hum, my kind of series haha…OMG, the show had like seasons only and it was cliffhanging as well back then for me so nowadays I refrain myself from watching until it finishes. I’d do a full ep if I was able, but if I was too tired, I’d do just a few minutes, sometimes as short as 10 minutes, just to get a bit of a taste before heading to dreamland. Honestly, I think i have watched like 6 so far and this is by the far the best. Though I must say, it was hard to narrow it down, even to these. It sucks not to understand Korean. I consider these introductions only mildly spoilery, since you can pretty much spot the pairings from a mile away.

She covers Tae Hee with her own blanket and settles down to just watch him as he sleeps. She gets up close to Tae Hee, sweeps his hair away from his forehead and leaning close, exhales on it. I stopped after mid 3rd episode I think. If you add this to your current 2 dramas, you can do what I did, and just watch whatever you’re up for, for your drama nightcap before bed. Ojakgyo Brothers is definitely worth a rewatch, and I plan on one myself, sometime! Because of fate the life of a loner is written all over my body. Lottery – 4D – Res Notify me of new comments via email.

Not least because he gets a good growth arc and is forced to take a good, hard look at the way he lives his life. We are not responsible for omakgyo accuracy, authenticity, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of other sites referenced here.

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As I type this, the blog has recorded 56 visitors from soompi in the last 10 hours! Completely startled, Ja Eun wriggles free and fans herself outside the tent. Have you seen that one? Ojakgyo brothers ep 47 text. Ojakgyo Brothers Episode It adds so much dimension to the relationships between the brothers, that we get to see all manner of permutations in the make-up of their interactions.


I was so looking forward to this, thank you. Toto prize calculator – Singapore Pools: Beelzebub episode 50 – Need Anime Suggestions? I needed something heart-warming and life-affirming after watching Mr. And if you actually work a rewatch into that Joo Won and those swoony bedroomy eyes!

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Uploaded by 90playgirlAS3 on Sep 15, No description brotherrs. Ojakgyo Brothers, Ojakgyo Brothers Ep I can understand actors getting some small fixes since their looks play a big part in their careers, but I find too much plastic surgery rather disconcerting. Why the sudden turnaround? Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 2by aeaesi Sounds like it’s good?

Especially how much love mom gave to maknae. Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 8.

Lottery – 4D – Res I just found out about this series in when this is supposedly OLD from but boy was i surprised to have enjoyed it so much and LOL so often during it. From being antagonistic enemies on opposite sides of the fence, these two come to appreciate, care for and love each other in the most endearing way. The fact that Bok Ja loved the farm like her own offspring made it easier to comprehend her decision to protect it by stealing the contract from Ja Eun and kicking her off the premises.

So thank you, I may just end up re-watching this lovely gem in the near future thanks to your lovely review. I feel the script is totally messed up. That the famous one was that dude that played in Winter Sonata I remember that face, they said hes handsome but i beg to differ hahaa.


I love how the show depicts their brotherhood. Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up in anger I have 20 episodes left of OB.

A family drama about the Fala chen – Dream Girls: Gotta thank Joo Wach for drawing me into this rare gem! Soo Young plants a quick peck on him and starts to hurry away in embarrassment, but Tae Beom stops her, saying that if she wants to reward him, she should do it properly.

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Because of fate the life of a loner is written all over my body. I know how to do that much. I love that Tae Sik has to learn to look beyond appearances to find the one who is truly good for him and who truly loves him.

She liked history, so she probably would onlone been a sageuk fan… Thank you, Show, for bringing back fond memories of my mom…. It feels like multiple short romance dramas packed into a large, generous, value-for-money family package. Watching Ojakgyo Brothers felt like watching four short romance dramas, but better.

From the get-go, Tae Hee is painted in heroic colors for us.

I love, too, that we get to see the brothers interact with one another in mixed pairs and trios, and as a complete foursome.