Running Man game Show Episode There are a lot of dreamy girls by the side cheering for Asuka. Thank you so much for the subs, but can I get a link for episode 2 styled subs? I’m really desperate waiting it.. However, these kinds of guides exist everywhere, thus we do not have one here. Right now i’m watching You’re Beautiful Episode 10, it’s one of the best dramas i’ve ever seen. Toto Nee-chan Episode

I know, asian dramas can be very childish sometimes, and I like it most of the time, but here I think It crosses the line. I’M watching My Girl the jdrama with Aiba. If it doesn’t get dramatically better and dramatically less annoying by the end of this episode, I’m dropping it. They are doing massive BIG BANG boom exciting news all the time, so I gladly welcome switching to something more “average” but still cute and quite watchable. Thank you thank you thank you! Which fits in with Asuka liking girly things, it seems that the male and female roles are reversed in the show. Asian Drama Addicts Discussion. What kind of characters are those?

Kiritani Mirei as Oharida Miyabi.

It’s as awesome as I was lead to believe by comments here at ADA. Then he goes off to school, this is where he hears a rumour that Tachibana was with Ryo in the home economics class going to make a mess of her. Danielle October 27, at 6: It is a typicall series, which you can choose in order to spend some nice time while you are waiting for next subbed episodes of your most desired dramas.

This is where a new transfer student Miyakozuka Ryo is introduced, she immediately recognises Asuka and thanks him for saving her.

Peisode started Satorare last night. Egnlish Ki Episode I’ve been wanting to watch this for ages! Otherwise you need the download manager and patience. So what we mean by saing “it is really cute, worth to see”? Thank you again for subtitling. I like the manga but we’ll see how I feel when I finish it.


Delilah September 28, at 9: If you really want it, leave a comment. And yes, I was made Aiba fan too.

There are a lot of dreamy girls by the side cheering for Asuka. Uninstall whatever you have on your computer including VLC and similar all-in-one programs and switch to using CCCP, which can be otmoen here: I can’t stand the girl’s acting, she runs and acts like a baby, she is so stupid, everything is over-acted.

Although Ryo looks pretty, she is as tough as nails and can’t cook to save her life!

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I just started the new Taiwanese series Momo Love with Jiro wang and Jing Wong and by far its one of the funniest dramas I have watched! Tagged with asukacomedyJ-DramajutaOtomenromanceryoschool lifeshoujoslice of life.

Shining Inheritance and that about it so far. Kaho as Miyakozuka Ryo. Keep up the great work!

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Just started the first season of Liar Game, just as I am about to finish with Satorare. I started Love Revolution finally. Otomen – Episode 5. I wish she would just go far, far away. I know, asian dramas can be very childish sometimes, and I like it most of the time, but here I think It crosses neglish line.

Anonymous December 4, at 2: She’s the most immature, self-obsessed, inconsiderate 18 year old I’ve wathc seen.

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Otomen – Episode 1. Oh and when i see her in commercials shes also just so adorable!! Can’t hardly wait for the next episodes Plus 2 Kamen Rider series that I’m sure you guys don’t episodee about. It prefectly fits to his character.


Till I Met You Episode Good jdramas this season. It’s pretty good for a taiwanese drama!

Otomen Episode 1 | Neon Star Anime/Manga

My Minds Flower Rain Episode Considering his disadvantage the boys were about to all gang up on him but Ryo comes and with her awesome fighting otimen all the boys fall down. I really do not understand its hype, i really liked the epsode at first, but after 4 episodes i can’t. Running Man game Show Episode Thank you very much for taking the time to subtitle the show for everyone.

Probably going to watch the first episode of JIN tonight as well. I’ve started You’re beautiful kdrama: For those of you watching “My Girl” Ohitorisama – love it!! Well, I have been watching a lot of stuff recently. Up to episode 12 it was guite good but i have just found it becoming worse episode after episode so I dropped it about week ago I’m giving it another 2 or 3 episodes to decide wether I should continue.

I’m liking the new and improved Nao! My Girl is actually very cute. There are a lot of pretty good j-dramas this season and I was hesitant to get this due to the amount piled up in my to-watch list. Now I’m just sad that I’ll have to wait weeks to finish it!