Self-pay stations are now set up in each lot. They have tools, material and equipment out there that would be a hazard for people on bicycles. And so it begins. In brackets notified is, when a line was not used for the card boards, or text shown in the video being modified from the songs lyrics. I looked up and smiled at the man who was rushing in my direction. Still, listenting to the concert audiences often sing along with, it becomes clear, the points made here were literally supported by a not soo- silent majority in the States.

I have been told that the first person to receive a fine for a parking violation in Oklahoma City was an attorney who challenged it in court. I point up in the air to a spot in the general direction of the bridge. This realistic paranoia and worldly wisdom at a young age has arguably never been communicated as well in a Dylan song than it is right there. We can read it together too. Excuse me, which way is the bridge? Thank you for the shout-out, it means a lot. Some critics have claimed that ending the piece with a couplet so open to interpretation takes away from the resonation of the song. Do you also work out on the bridge?

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The parking meter would be a barrier of sorts between us in case this encounter went sideways and turned ugly. So sorry, no video link yet. Thanks for your comment and, yes, I do stumble upon some interesting people from time to time. When do the clouds lift? We can first listen to complete, and then have a stop at any “critical” word.

Realistic paranoia once again emerges as a prominent theme in the song, as Dylan employs sarcasm in order to encourage his generation to question authority. I have found that visitors to the Golden Gate Bridge ask a lot of the same questions and over time I developed an arsenal of stock answers: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Everything is going to be OK. The immediate problem was turnover.


No coin jams or faulty mechanisms. I think there is a more immediate connection to those who designed, manufactured and assembled the mechanical parts, as opposed to a robotic assembly line turning out identical units.

The questions and answers made a pleasurable break in the middle. Almost instantly, the clip became famous, enduring as a classic of the short music film later to become the music video in the MTV era and as one of Dylan’s most iconic moments. Time to put old age and treachery to work for you, Stephanie. All in all, this would be quite some demanding stuff we do together, but why not contrast the easy peasy things we do, like “hengman”, now and then?

Contact with the public in the parking lot is at a bare minimum these days, but the same questions still abound at other locations.

It was a chance to walk in circles, get paid for exercise, and to meet people from all over the world.

Needn’t to be a large piece like the Dylan text below! Fhe Liked by 1 person. Local newspaper editor, and attorney, Carlton C. What time does the fog lift? I point up in the air to a spot in the general direction of the bridge. Do you like to stop and take photos?

Watch your pawking metaws……….?

See, 4 quarters for an hour. Are you kidding me? Thank you for kickstarting me with your post. Beneath it all we are not that different. We go everywhere, top to bottom, one end to the other. And so it begins. I love the way you write the dialogue, it is very conversational paawking powerful.


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No registered users and 0 guests. Let me ask you a question. Some lines are purposefully left vague, open for anyone’s personal interpretation.

The English Workshop Project forum sponsored by rix-design. Email Address never made public. In brackets notified is, when a line was not used for the card boards, or text shown in the video being modified from the songs lyrics. First of all, electricians have excellent dexterity and mechanical ability. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Do you wear special shoes to climb the cables?

The painters perform triage to the bridge and paint the worst spots first.

How long does it take to walk across the bridge? It is 2 miles from here to the Vista Point visitors area.

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Have you ever won The Lottery? Every two years an inspection is made and painting schedules are adjusted accordingly. After you pay for your time a printed receipt is dispensed which you then place on the dashboard of your vehicle. Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear; Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen.

Have you ever seen someone jump off the bridge? How do you get to the top? The EShop got the job of maintaining the meters for two reasons. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.