I heard somebody say ‘Get going. That may have been built in to get out and run and get up there and see what the heck’s happening. Earle “Dearie” Cabell rode in the Mayor’s car the motorcade “stopped dead still when the noise of the shot was heard. How did you know that? The motorcade has stopped, plus you heard a report I don’t think I thought on the first or second shot , but when the third one went off, I really thought I felt the compression on my face. After the third shot, the car in which the President was riding increased its speed and went under the freeway overpass and out of sight. Everything was really slow then [immediately after shooting] And just being down in the car with his head in my lap.

Truly was standing out there, he said it stopped. The car had slowed down enough for me to jump out. That story would be a way to get most of the SS on board, in one way or another. Greer, has testified that he accelerated the car after what was probably the second shot It [JFK’s limo] was just almost stunned. My Webpage The reason I make this request is based on the following:

Let’s get out of here,” or words to that effect. Groden stated that he had examined his copy of the footage and could find no such circle of light.

Truly was standing out there, he said it stopped. If I remember now, I just don’t remember how I knew, but I knew we were in trouble.


You currently have javascript disabled. He was carrying a Filmo movie camera,used no handle, shot with left eye finders on left side of camera. I was tramping on the accelerator and at the same time Roy was saying, let’s get out of here fast. The more I think about it the more convinced I am that Greer was in on it.

Your best recollection is, then, that you had the impression he was injured but you couldn’t ascertain the source of that information? Do you recollect whether you accelerated before or at the same time or after the third shot?

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Started by Bernice MooreMar 27 Smithconfirmed that the Presidential limousine had come to a stop. I’d done this before in other motorcades because a lot of times the President will stop and do something.

Kennedy was on the back. He might look at a sign.

I saw blood on the Governor’s white shirt, and I knew amoke were in trouble. Some one got to him. Kennedy coming back on the trunk and another guy [Clint Hill] pushing her back into the car.

It was almost simultaneously that he had–something had hit, you know, when I had seen him. A faux attempt on the president’s life that would be traced falsely to Castro and serve as justification for invasion of Cuba?

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How did you know that? I did not know if the President had been hit, but I knew something was wrong. By decelerating from an already slow He was in the Press car filj. It seemed to him that the automobile almost came to a halt after the first shot. Bill Edited May 21, by Bill Miller. Clearly, Greer was responsible, at fault, and felt remorse.


Or its fatal shadow?

Nevertheless, the Wiegjan film and still photos depict the limousine AHEAD of the lead car, as it appear it was the lead motorcyclists who actually guided Greer to Parkland! Everything was really slow then [immediately after shooting] And just being down in the car with his head in my lap. It seems to me that it started back up by the time he got to the car “[“No More Silence” by Larry Sneedp.


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No, sir; I didn’t know how badly he was injured or anything other than that. The smke had slowed down enough for me to jump out. Yes, sir; it was my reaction that caused me to accelerate. I stood and looked through the plaza, noticed there was commotion, and saw people running around his [JFK’s] car.

Kennedy, oh my God, oh my God. Posted 02 April – In short, Greer had survivor’s guilt. Several officers said it stopped completely.