It doesn’t feel real Can you load any other FS aircraft without any issues? It even allows the lower the minimal visibility distance. It is very important if the ATC asks for a level during the climb. For a complete description, please refer to developer’s website. This is especially visible for waypoints that describe a turn to a waypoint or a radial interception because a nice curved route is then drawn on the navigation display ND. That is so worth it!!!!!

I will give another go tonight and if still same problems, I will back to original Deluxe model which was ok. User Handbook Addendum Explanations not included in the User HandBook This section explains an undocumented feature which was developed after the documentation was released: If you look in the 2D panel, it works perfect, but it looks strange in the virtual cockpit. Special thanks to N. First, install the add-on using Full Administrator Rights. Airbus Series Evolution manual available from here. Following the Upgrade version 1, this upgrade for the Airbus Series Volume 1 and Volume 2 aircrafts fixes some minor problems and add new features.

For a technical reason, the gauge layout has changed in the upgrade version 2.

Airbus Upgrade version 2

Whatever your knowledge level is – beginner or expert – the user’s manual will teach you step by step all systems and procedures. Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers.

It should be “The best got Worst!!! Evoluiton valid for doors selection: Autopilot not working properly By flamerboy in forum FS Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Need help getting started? If you need to locate it manually, the PDF is located into the first Evolution aircraft folder. It could have been a corrupt file or 2 during the initial installation that is causing the problems. That is so worth it!!!!!


I read some more reactions here and in the FSX Forum, it’s probably best it was unfruitful Once installed, you can check that the Weather Radar has been successfully installed by looking at rxpWxSim. Search Site Search Search. The HUD is designed to be used in full-screen mode and can be displayed in the 2D cockpit too. The AUTO mode is implemented so that the TCAS is automatically set to C-mode when the aircraft leaves the ground, and set back to standby mode when the wheels touch the ground upon landing.

Still no luckI know pretty well what weather radar is but I’m not sure these people have any idea about weather radars? Seems like there is no radar tiltgain adjustments. How to enter waypoints in the MCDU.

If version isyou have the upgrade version 2.

A South African Airways. At the first add-on installation, make sure to accept the DLL Warning after the aircraft selection. They unveil the modern technology and embarked systems typical to the Airbus philosophy. Are they more curvy now?

This is not an addition to the existing documentation, but it seems that many people missed this feature, which is very useful: Evoljtion steep dive then level out and then another steep dive, You can disable the Direct X 10 Preview feature.

To avoid a hit on performance and to aitbus it more realistic, the position of the target altitude points and the TOC points are computed at a low frequency.

A second ADF receiver has been added, it is fully functional. This product is available in the following versions: A bmi British Midlands.


We don’t support the use of our add-ons under Windows XP64 and Vista The Weather Radar can be activated from vvol.2 2D cockpit only. Sorry it doesn’t have Til and gain adjusment. Airbus Series Evolution vol. The Weather Radar can be activated from the 2D cockpit only. This feature used to work in FS only. Wilco Publishing is extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited upgrade for their Airbus collection: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D version supplied.

Wilco Airbus Series volume 1 & 2 Evolution released – The FS (FS9) Forum – The AVSIM Community

The route and the moving map are still visible as they are displayed on top of the alrbus radar display. The HUD is useful to manually fly low-visibility approaches. This upgrade is evolutoon for those who have already bought and installed Airbus Series Vol. Wilco Publishing is extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited upgrade for their Airbus collection: In addition, the trajectory is drawn evoluution the aircraft flies, with a curved route when appropriate.

I was thinking that did I do something wrong? This add-on works with Prepar3D v1. The navigation database is updated every month, you can keep updating it by visiting Navigraph here: Cheers all and happy skies.

Posted March 30, Turn on the appropriate electric source and everything will be fine in the virtual cockpit as well.